After you do, I need you to see something....

Did you know you are one "hit" away from
a different life?

"What if the next song you wrote is "the one"?"

The greatest thing about my beats is they are:

industry quality...

...that means you'll never have to come back and say,
"This can't be played on the radio!"

"I want to make sure you can complete your next project with Radio Ready Bangers!"

That's me on stage, DJ'ng at a Festival for a Hip Hop Legend.
My time as a DJ made my "producer ear" even better than ever.

I tell you this because I want you to understand just how I can help you.
When I hear "hot" songs, I have people in high places, and it also helps,
that I can market my ass off as well.  

Marketing is critical to your career as a rapper and I hope you are good at it,
and if you aren't, you find someone who is.

What does this have to do with beats?  

You want your producer to have connections and an ear for music that may 
be even better than yours, so you can "trust" what they make for you.

That's me and my homie Jalen Rose at the ESPY's.

It's important that you're connected and you know people who know people.  
I'm just kickin facts.  
If you're dope...we can do something.

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