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  • 200 Industry Beats
  • Hours of Beats! (Includes hi-def Mp3 Files - 24-Bit Quality )
  • All Different Genres ( Trap, Hip Hop, R'nB, and Top 40 for your next Hit and much much more! )
  • The beats come with a Commercial License allowing you to monetize them through your music.
  • Make money on Tunecore, iTunes, Spotify and More. )
  • No beats are "recycled" or "outdated"
  • Works in all Recording Software.
  • Industry Mixed and Arranged, Ready for Radio!
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These beats are produced by industry producer Cras who has created records for Snoop Dogg's Label, Interscope Artists, Platinum Rappers And More!

"Have You Ever Felt This Way?"

  • You have a deep calling to be an artist, it has always attracted you, and you believe in your heart that one day, you will realize your full, artistic God-given potential...
  • You're all alone because there are no organized programs or industry smart schools for your style of rappin' (try getting a degree in "Dope Rap Artist 101!") ... and the already successful artists are either unwilling or too busy to teach you.
  • You're confused by which beats will win on the radio, and which producer will give you what you need on a consistent basis because you haven't found one yet that you can rely on. You've got flows, songs, you're willing to do shows, write your own music but trying to find beats day after day gets tiring and that's only the beginning. "Something's gotta give!?!" "How do the pro' artists master all of this?" "I'm a pretty smart person but still can't seem to master ALL of this!"
  • You're depressed when you look at other established artists on IG and elsewhere, seem to make it look so easy, being comfortable on every track and killing every beat. "How can I do the SAME as THEM?"
  • You simply want to give your FAMILY your BEST... and you want to be respected, and you're not progressing at this as fast as you desire.

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  • Weekly Q&A's with artist insights & strategies you can implement  
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Cras and Warren G at Power 106

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Monthly Beat Membership


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Exclusive Video Courses:

Major Music Courses To Take Your Music and Marketing To The Next Level!

- Cras - FL Secrets XXXL + Bonus Access

- Cras - Ultimate Trap Beats - Video Training Course

- Cras - Ultimate Mixing Blueprint 

- Cras - Ultimate Beat Selling Course

- Cras - Ultimate Marketing BluePrint :

-:Cras - Get Your Music Out There and Be Heard! - Formula (*Releasing Soon )

Cras - Ultimate Secrets to Networking and Building Real Industry Relationships (*Releasing Soon )

Get access to the artist private members area and learn how to create dope songs and beats & the systematic process of artist marketing & selling. 

Usually it sells for $97 a course (and it's worth it, but you get this included)

Music Production Tools:

- Cras - Platinum Mega Drumkit Pack

- Cras - Drag and Drop Beats Mode - SCORE PACK!

- Cras - Chords Galore! Hip Hip Chord Changes - Score / Midi - Dope Pack!

These exclusive music tools will help you learn that industry quality sound that your songs are missing.

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Exclusive Member Only Downloads:

- Cras shows you how to be a marketable artist.

- Cras - The 80/20 Rule

- Cras - 3 Proven Ways To End Writer's Block For Good

- Cras - 5 Ways To Generate More Buzz For Your Songs

and new every week....

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Young Chop
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Monthly Beat Membership


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  • $37/month membership after the first 30 days
  • Instant Access to Cras'Private Beat Collection
  • Get Full Creative License To Use For Your Promotion
  • Cancel anytime, no lock in contract
  • Access to Private Discord group