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If you want it, work for it

Yo, I’m just wonderin’ where ur mind is at? Are you focused on what you have to do to level up? Or are you focused on distractions? Are you scrollin on IG? Or are you grinding on YOUR business. What you do on a day to day basis is going to have the BIGGEST impact on your life Chris. Are […]

How do I go about finding and approaching rappers on Instagram?

“How do I go about finding and approaching rappers on Instagram?”  Great question!   The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure YOUR IG profile is dope.  Make sure it’s clearly simple to see your face and to see who you are.  Why?  Well let me ask you.   If someone tries to add you, and they only have a logo, […]

Almost Homeless….

I was NOT ready for this….. It brought me to a COMPLETE PANIC!  My world was falling apart and I couldn’t do anything to stop it!  I told myself I’d NEVER EVER do that again… The door slammed shut behind me…  A new chapter began and it was a complete surprise…  Was I ready? Did I learn my lesson?  I was petrified and afraid of […]

To The “Producers” Who Wanna Be 1 of the Greats But Can’t Get Started

If you want to be one of the greats as a producer… One of the first things to know for beginners’s ok for your beats to sound really really really bad when you first start.That is completely normal and it’s ok to allow yourself to be REALLY bad at it.Even if you are really […]

How To Start Your Career As A Producer

If you want to be a producer, the first thing to do is go to Youtube: CrasBangers and go to the Tutorials Playlist here: click hereBe sure to watch all of the tutorial videos I have and subscribe to the channel so you get each new tutorial video I release.Then you’re going to want to register with […]

Boost Your Music! – “Migos Type Beat – “Style!” – Download Now!

Struggling to find the right beats for the project you’re working on?  Check this new beat that I made just for you! It will definitely bring you to the next level. Boost your music!Get this beat now and listen how your music flows with it! I know you want to be a great artist so you do […]

Banger Beat For Your Bangin Hit! Swae Lee Type Beat – “Gang!” – Download Now!

Did you already have your writings? Are you finding a dope beat that will fit your style?The search is over!I made this bangin beat for you that will surely keep you movin forward and helps you achieve your dreams! Are you ready to make great hits? Get this beat and click the Green “Buy” button in the […]

Fire Up A Hit With This Dope Beat! – Trippie Redd Type Beat – “Strike!” – Download Now!

Wanna take your career to the next level?  Need a bangin’ beat for your writings?  It’s right in front you..  This dope beat will definitely give your desires..  Give it a try!  And later, you’ll see you’re at the top with great producers and artists. Don’t miss out! Get this beat and click the Green […]

Slammin’ Beat! – Download Now! – Kodak Black Type Beat – “Free!” – Download Now!

Start your groundbreaking hits! This beat will let the crowd bangin’ until the end! Let your music be heard and stream all over the world! Are you ready to make great hits?Get this beat and click the Green “Buy” button in the upper right hand corner of the BeatStars player to get instant access.Seize the moment!Click the […]