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Join the challenge now!

I want a professional producer dissect my beats live

From: Cras
Where: California

What does “Beat Review Challenge” mean for you…?

For everyone it’s different…

For some of you, you’re in a place where NO ONE could care less about your beats… and you’re trying to connect to producers who can.

For others, you are a serious producer but you're stuck at your level, and you’re not sure why.

And for others of you, you’re looking for the beat tips that will help you elevate your beat making to industry-level.

Before I share with you MY GOAL for this “Beat Review Challenge for YOU”... let me ask you a few questions…

Please check all of the questions where your answer is YES!

  • Are you just getting started and you have NO IDEA where to start?
  • Are you stuck in your current skill level as a producer, and you don’t know how to level up?
  • Do you have a passion for beats but you have 0 people in your network to give you feedback?
  • Are you convinced that you need a producer to give you feedback, but not sure where and how to find them?
  • Are you about to launch your producer career and your skill level next week, and want to make sure it’s a huge success!?!

If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to join the “Beat Review Challenge” and change your beats forever!

So, here is how

the challenge works…

The challenge costs $100 to join. This covers your sounds we will be sending to you to use during the challenge (more info on what is in this kit below).

With the “Beat Review Challenge” we could easily charge $1000 for the full 7-day challenge…

Probably even $2000, or more, but…

All You Pay Is $100!

That’s just enough to help cover the creation of your challenge kit materials!

Then In Exchange For That Tiny $100 Investment, You Get ALL Of This:

If you want to get your beats ripped apart LIVE and start building your beats, then this is the mission we’re giving you…

You have 7 days, starting Sept 15…

Do YOU Accept?

Join the challenge now!

I want a professional producer dissect my beats live

Need more information before you make your decision…?

Let me break down all the awesome stuff you’ll get when you join the challenge today!

The first thing you’ll get access to is the…

Beat Review Challenge KIT

That we’ll send to you IMMEDIATELY via your email.

Your challenge

kit will have everything you need for success during your 7 days.

When you join the “Beat Review Challenge” today (for just $100) I’m going to send you a kit with the instant beat review access link to me and my team, 10GB, 20,524 Industry Loops, Overloaded Training, and more!

Let me show you a glimpse of a few of the cool things that come in your challenge kit!

Bonus #1:

Cras Mixing Tricks
($497 Value)

Recently, I asked 30 of my “5-figure Month” Inner Circle members (Those who generate over 5-figures in beat sales every month with our help) a very loaded question…

“You suddenly lose everything…”

Your hard drive gets corrupted, along with all your beats, ideas, recordings, and only your beat making skills are left.

You have nothing to show for your beats, you’re losing the few artists who were curious about your music…

You no longer have the beats and melodies you worked so hard to create. Other than your vast beat making experience, you’re an unknown newbie.

What would you do?

(From Day 1 to 7) if you knew you only had ONE GUIDE to make back your beats?

Each of them replied to my email with a brilliant detailed 7 day plan of what they’d do to get back on TOP.

They broke it down day by day…

“Day 1, I’d do this… Day 3, I’d do this…”

Each of them laid out a complete 7 day battle plan to get their beats back on track… starting back at “square one” with…

  • No good beats…
  • No loop packs…
  • No feedback from other producers…
  • No reputation and industry connection…

The “Mixing Tricks 101” is a giant video course of ALL their compiled battleplans on how to mix dope beats (Day 1 through Day 7)