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"Transform Your Beats Forever"

With these courses, so you can experience the life and freedom you want....

You can have the racks and the attention and the fame if u make the right moves....

these are valued at over $500+

All for 1 low price...

How would you like to make beats  that artists would beg you for because of the mixes??

What if I could show you the simple way to make industry level quick mixes with your beats?
and more...

  • Dull beats...
  • Spending hours working on a beat that’s wack...
  • Begging people to listen to your beats...

Beats Selling Secrets shows you
how to sell your beats step by step...

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What you'll find inside

The course contains four video training modules

  • In video module you learn the fundamentals of beat sales and beat marketing.  How to sell beats and what makes artists want to buy.
  • In the second video module I show you how to properly set up your own system to sell beats and teach you out the best places on the web to sell your beats.
  • In module three I dive into the making of your first list of leads (or potential artist clients) and how to know which of your artist leads is ready to buy.
  • Finally in module four we'll discuss the three key steps to making a sale and advanced secrets and insights that cover being able to dominate beat sales. 

After you finish this beat sales training you'll be ready to tackle the beat marketing side of your producer business and start building your artist lead list to keep an active group of artists buying your beats and returning customers.

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My boi Cras is the maker of Beats Selling Secrets and a marketing genius, if you need any help getting your music out there this is it

Young Chop
Multi platinum producer & artist

Cras' tools have helped me implement and get the knowledge I want to communicate across, he's a master on how to get noticed

Rap artist & viral sensation

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  • The course includes unlimited, unrestricted lifetime access, and free updates for life.
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