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If you’ve been around CrasBangers for any time at all, I’m sure that you’ll agree that we take our beat business trainings seriously. In fact, some may say for the CrasBangers team, selling beats is a way of life.

Since the year 2012, we’ve taken pride in helping thousands of producers (in all stages beginner, intermediate and seasoned levels) take their beat sales to levels they couldn’t even imagine.

And, now things are about to get even better...

...For a limited time Cras (founder of CrasBangers) has decided to open the gates and give a selected few Producer Accelerator members access to the 6 Week Training Program!

Sell your first beat today!

Revolutionize your income as a Producer!

Attract artists - Never beg to get noticed again!

Access Beat Biz Lessons From The World's Most Sought After Producer Coach!

New Lessons and Content Uploaded Weekly.

For The First Time Ever...
Learn how to RUN a Beat Biz' with The Entire Family!

Extended license keys make it easy for you to share your knowledge about running a Beat Business with your entire family. Now your family and closest friends can enjoy unlimited access to the 6 Week Training Program from the comfort of their own homes.

24/7 Access To Everything Forever.

Gain a Sense of Freedom


You will feel freedom like you've never felt before, knowing that you'll be able to make consistent income from your beats.

Collect All Your Royalties

Most producers don't know where and how to collect royalties entities owe them, you'll learn exactly how to do that.

Pluck Serious Artists From the Crowd

You'll see how to filter artists so you won't have to waste time on tire-kickers.

Be Less Reliant on Your 9-5

Start making good income from your passion --- Making Beats. You don't have to spend 80% of your life doing something you hate.

Real-Time Feedback

You'll get access to me and my team of pro-producers. You'll instantly know what moves to make so you can succeed in the Producing World.

Attract hundreds of Artists

With the correct system, you will never need to beg for an artist to notice you again. You'll be attracting hundreds if you follow what we teach for your beat business.

Act Fast and Receive and Save an Additional $500!


What Happy 6 Week Beat Biz' Members Are Saying About The Program...

Something Special For Producer Accelerator Program Member's Only 

As an exclusive 6 Week Training Program member, you'll receive tons of perks like select free courses. For example, our Beat Selling Course would be yours absolutely free as a member.

*Choosing to enroll in 2 0r 3 month payment p[ans save you 40% - 55% off the regular tuition. Most members seeking to stay for at least three months choose one of these options.

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