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There is something very important I want to tell you...
Do you want secrets on how to make trap beats with FL Studio?
Discover How To Give Your FL Studio Beats That Industry Sound
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How would you like to make beats using FL Studio that artists would beg you for??

What if I could show you the simple way to make industry caliber beats with FL Studio?
No more...

  • Dull beats... 
  • Spending hours working on a beat that’s wack...
  • Begging people to listen to your beats...

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You send your latest - best ever - beat over to an artist. You know this beat is super hot. You know they'll be lightin up your phone begging for more.

And then you don't get the reaction you want. Or even worse...no reply at all

If you can relate to this, don’t worry, I have something you’re going to want to see...

I'm Cras,

Iʼve produced on platinum albums and worked with platinum legendary producers including:

  •  Q-Tip 
  • Rodney Jerkins 
  • Young Chop 
  • 9th Wonder 
  • Warren G
  • and other multi platinum artists...

...and Iʼve taught producers how to produce hit music with FL Studio. 

Iʼm also the creator of FL Secrets 101.

I used to be a lot like you.

I spent a lot of time trying to make beats and trying to make music that was hot for different artists around my way and I spent a lot of time trying to perfect my craft.

It was very frustrating to experience beat block and to put in a ton of time and have the feeling that i wasnʼt getting anywhere at all.

"...it was one specific change that I made, that changed everything and brought my beats to the next level. …”

If you really want to: 

  • Make Hotter Beats with FL Studio
  • Sell More Beats
  • Gain A Following of Artists Begging For your Tracks And best of all... 
  • Produce Beats on FL Studio as a full time job

...then I truly believe youʼve found what youʼre looking for.

This is the system I've used to become a dope FL Studio producer while not spending years trying to get to that level and also make more money from your beats while you’re at it.

FL Secrets 101 is the only online FL Studio Course taught by an industry platinum producer

If you're looking for the easiest way to stop being ignored and be a top producer using FL Studio, FL Secrets 101 may be your answer

This is the direct result of years of study and years of digging through the trenches to find what really works.

It features 6 learning modules, geared to give you pro secrets and tactics.

This training could easily be sold for $250.

This is why everyone's calling it their 'go-to resource' to learn industry level producing with FL Studio:

Learn the Industry Pro Drums Formula… 

  • Discover pro secrets like how to set a special offset on your hats and snares to achieve a life like feel to your drums

  • The special punch you can add to your drums with the twist of one knob. I show you what knob that is

  • I give you the actual scores to use that reflect the popular rhythms we hear in radio today 

  • PLUS I keep you updated with latest formulas to keep your beats current and NOW sounding

Plus Today Only...Snag These Bonuses

FL Studio Mega Drumkit

This industry drumkit includes:

  • Powerful kicks that will rock any beat you add them to
  • Industry snares that are the same sounds currently dominating the radio

Value: $199

FL Studio Industry Scores

Take out the guess work when choosing rythms:

  • Insertable scores for current snares rolls
  • Drag and drop scores for better kick and hat patterns

Value: $199

Plus...If you buy today I'll give you access to the  "Beat Selling Marketing E-Book"

Sell your beats to more artists using a step-by step proven formula to generate more sales:

  • Producers sales script (how we do it!)
  • Repeat beat sales secret (keep a core of artist to sell month over month)

Value: $199

FL Studio Plus These Bonuses Is Easily Worth $1,049

But I know you're just getting started so I'm going to make this easier for you.

This incredible bundle has everything you need to make industry level beats and get your beats placed so you can make real money doing what you're passionate about. 

If you get it today you'll only pay


Disclaimer: The price is subject to change at any moment

This Deal Is Perfect For You If...

  • You havenʼt been using FL Studio for a long time
  • You want to learn how to make pro level beats
  • You want to get really good at FL Studio
  • Youʼre looking for an easy way to learn FL Studio
  • You donʼt have a lot of money to spend on a training course or music school
  • You are stuck figuring out FL Studio
  • Your an artist who started making beats to use for yourself
  • Or even... IF You already have a full time job!

Check What A Couple Of My Happy Students Are Saying...

“The most valuable one is where you talked the secret about how to make your drums hit harder and get groove.”

- Bloc 4000

“I was able to follow along and I was able to apply what Cras taught me and put it in my music instantly. Within a few minutes I went from feeling like a beginner to feeling like an expert!"

- Kev Beats

30 Day No Questions Asked Platinum Money-Back Guarantee

If you go through the FL Secrets 101 and honestly feel Iʼve wasted your time or you werenʼt able to find any value, send me an email and Iʼll gladly refund you. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

So, What's It Going To Be?

You have a choice. One month from now you can either be exactly where you are right now. Still trying to "figure it out" from amateur youtube videos. OR You can take advantage of the opportunity to learn from an industry producer.

Nothing will help you make a huge leap in your beat making like learning from someone who's done it.

When you get FL Secrets 101 AND bonuses (worth $1,049) 

You will be free, at peace, knowing you have a firm future in production and that youʼll be able to turn on FL Studio and make banger after banger without hesitation. Your beats will be at an industry level.

Youʼll think that taking action and following your goals was the best thing you ever did and youʼll say to yourself that you canʼt believe how much things have changed.

Ready to invest in yourself?

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