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3 Steps To Get Serious Artists To
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1. Use Industry Quality Shit

Quit spending hours working on a beat that’s wack. If you don't have the right course, do not move on to level 2

2. Learn How To Put That Shit Together

Practice your craft. Make beats every day til you know your sound better than you know your kids.

3. NOW You're Ready

NOW you can ask for the collab. You're ready. Congratulations. When you hit it big, lets do something together

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Now, erryone wants to skip ahead to #3, get the fame and recognition. Get paid and laid. But you can't run before you walk. 


Most of the "producers" that want my help cant even crawl. 

You can't be tryin to get with a serious artists if your beats sound like they tucked in for the night, a big-ass blanket over them. Beats that's wack. Beats are all dull and muddy. 

You have to take care of #1 before you can move on to defining your sound. 

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BTW, If you've been making beats for a while but you can't seem to cut through the noise...and you don't know why you can't get an artist to hit you back...check your mixes. If they sound whack, you're dead before you started. 

Give these a try and see the difference industry quality makes. 

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