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I'm probably crazy for doing this and I might be taking this offer down any minute but I'm going to give you a chance to get 67 of my Radio Ready Beats right now!  Yes 67 Radio Ready Beats!  Enough for you to record Mixtape after Mixtape, blowing your fans away! I know it's insane but it's true!

Alright peep...i'm going to do this only once.  I'm going to offer you 67 of my radio ready beats to lease for an INSANE low price.


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Why am i doing this?  I'm doing this because 2015 is coming to a close and I'm going to raise the prices on all of my beats in 2016, and I want to give you a chance to get a TON of beats for the cheapest price you'll probably ever see for my  top quality, industry radio ready beats.

I'm also doing this because I want to see who is serious about their career and who really wants to work with me.  A lot of people say they want to, but when it's time for the rubber to meet the road, they are no where to be found.​

​This way I'll be able to gauge who I should take serious and who is here to just waste both of our times and I can't have that.

Get this Deal Now Before It's Gone!

67 BEATS!  All for One Super Low Price of $24.99

Cras Bangers

Cras Bangers is an Industry Mega Producer that has made radio ready beats for some of the hottest buzzing artists in the industry right now!

Talented far beyond his years, he's worked with artists in various capacities including Beat Production, DJing and Artist Development.

Some of the artists that he Cras has worked with include Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs 'n Harmony, Chief Keef, Q-Tip, 9th Wonder, Warren G, and more!

@ Power 106 FM with Warren G

Cras Rockin' A Festival

After A  Show Rockin' Wit DJ BattleCat

Me Rockin' The House

ESPY'S with Deeves

In The Studio With Young Chop

Rockin' Wit Snoop Dogg At A Show

Partyin' with E-40

At A Video Shoot with Chief Keef

Get this Deal Now Before It's Gone!

67 BEATS!  All for One Super Low Price of $24.99

I have lent production to platinum artists before. 

Don't you think you would stand to benefit from a producer of my caliber, lending you the same type of beats?

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67 beats?  That's a LOT! Heck...i might even cop 67 beats off of another producer just to see what he's coming with.

It's a great deal and I think you should take advantage of it while you can.


I'm only going to extend this for a short time so get this while you can.  Just think, with 67 beats you can put out a few mixtapes....maybe 5 or 6.  Investing $25 into yourself is the best money you can spend in terms of making it in your music career because it gives you 3 things....it gives you:

1. Hot beats to craft your sound.

2. Provides you with brand new material your fanbase has never heard.

3. Gives you a better shot at finding the right beat that may land you a record deal and change your life forever.

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As we all know, A&R's only listen to a very short segment of your demo before they decide to either throw it away or give you a call.  DO NOT fall into the category of MC's that don't get a phone call.  Buy my beats today and give them that industry sound they expect and demand.It's your career....take care of it and invest money into yourself. 

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It's done through paypal, but a paypal account is NOT required.  I repeat NOT required.  You can simply enter in your card information right there on the page and not have to sign up for anything. 

As soon as you put the payment through.... I will send you a private link I setup for you to download the zip file containing, 67 beats from me.  Here is the link again to get the 67 bangerz.


Let's GO!