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The Producer Accelerator Program will give you access to the tools and resources you need to achieve financial freedom on your own terms.

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More “Random Training” is not the answer! I cracked the code and can finally offer you a clear and “work with us personally” coaching program to make industry level beats.

Your Producer Accelerator Membership

  • Instant access to my growing library of proven  producer secrets and insight video courses guaranteed to take your beats & marketing to the next level! (Over $1500 value!)
  • Access to music tools that include industry quality drum-kits, beats & more! (Over $1000 value!)
  • Exclusive members only premium downloads
  • Weekly Q&A's with producer insights & strategies that you can implement
  • Exclusive access to our private Discord Group
  • New content added every week!
  • No lock in contract

Foundation Course Curriculum...

Cras Producer Courses 

  • Trap Beats Training 
  • Producer Marketing Blueprint 
  • Beat Selling Secrets 
  • Producer Mixing Blueprint 
  • FL Studio Secrets

Exclusive E-Books 

  • 8 Killer Instagram Tips For BeatMakers 
  • Confidential Beat Sales Script 
  • How To Make A Living Selling Your Beats Online In 4 Months 
  • How To Grow Your Online Beat Sales
  • The Secret To Weeding Out The Real From The Fake 
  • The Secret Behind Finding The Right Artists 
  • The 80/20 Rule 
  • Cras Ultimate Mixing Blueprint
  • A Little Secret Trick To Get An Instant Artist To Pick A Beat They’ll Pay For
  •  Why do Artists Still Buy Beats in Tough Times 
  • 3 Proven Ways to End Beat Block for Good 
  • 5 Ways to Generate More Buzz for your Beats
  • 10 Producer Marketing Secrets - How to End Beat Block Forever! 
  • The Secret to Attracting the Right Artist to our Beats!

Cras Exclusive Live Beat Making 

  • Trap Beat Tutorial – How To Make A Beat From Scratch! 
  • Making A Beat From Scratch ( FAST ) 
  • How To Make Drum Transitions ( 2019 ) 
  • Cras Live on Twitch Highlight Video
  • Melody Tutorial – How To Make Melodies
  • Cras Making 2019 Type Beats “Live” 
  • Trap Beats Live – Cras Making Beats from Scratch 
  • Trap Beats Live – Cras Making Beats from Scratch! (2019 ) 
  • Trap Beats Live – Cras Making Beats from Scratch! + Melody Tutorial ( Mac 2019 / 2018) 
  • Trap Beats Live – Cras Making Live Beats from Scratch! + Melody Tutorial ( 2019 mac ) 
  • Trap Beats Live Tutorial ( 2019 ) ( mac ) 
  • Trap Beats Live – Cras Making Live Beats from Scratch! + Melody Tutorial ( 2019 )

Cras Member's Only Tutorials 

  • How To Make Trap Drums Quick and Easy 
  •  Discover The Secret To Spicing Up Boring Beats – beat tutorial 
  • Discover The Secret To Add Spice To Your Beats The Easy Way – how to make a beat 
  • This Subtle Effect Will Add A Ton of Flavor to Your 808 Patterns 
  • How To Spice Up Trap Hi-Hats Quickly and Easily
  • Discover The Secret To Mixing Your Beats How To Level Your Beats – Part 2 
  • How To Make Industry Level Beats With Ease 
  • Trap Tutorials - Discover The Secret To Creating The Perfect Trap Snare Roll Tutorial For Trap Beats 
  • How To Make Trap Drums Quick Easy - Trap Beat Tutorial 
  • Discover Mixing Secrets for Mixing So Good Your Next Artist Will Beg To Buy The Beat 
  • Industry Beat Secrets Exposed – how to make a hip hop beat 
  • Building Melodies and Creating Intros 
  • How To Mix and Arrange Your Beat 
  • Trap Beats Training 101 
  • Making 2 Beats from Scratch 
  • Video For Beginner Beat Makers  
  • How To Create A Melody 
  • Trap Beat ( 2018 Tutorial ) 
  • How To Mix A Trap Beat Lightning Fast!

Cras Drumkits 

  • RnB Drumkit Pack 
  • Old School Drumkit Pack 
  • Chicago Drill Drumkit Pack 
  • Grime Drumkit Pack 

Cras Member's Cheat Sheets 

  • The Ultimate Producer Website Checklist 
  • How To Make Dope Hook and Verse Sections in your Beats 
  • Ultimate Beat-Making Cheat Sheet

And more...

**Please Note: The Producer Accelerator Program coursework can be worked on at your own pace and we’ll always have something new to offer you no matter what producin' stage you’re in right now. This isn’t a race...it’s a journey!

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I've consulted with, helped, DJ'd for, or produced music with the following artists: 

  • Q- Tip
  • Rodney Jerkins
  • 9th Wonder
  • Warren G
  • and other multi platinum artists...

...and Iʼve taught producers how to sell their beats with Beat Selling Secrets Course.
Iʼm also the creator of Beat Selling Secrets Course.

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