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For the first time ever, I’m going to share with you the blueprint I've used to blow up my beat business and what I've shown other producers who have gone on to do the same.

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It's my proven step-by-step formula for what you NEED to have in your beat business and in your beats to create for your customers and clients.

Effective beats and beat sales don't come from sticking a bunch of sounds into a beat and calling it a day.
There’s a specific system that you need to follow to get the success you want, and you'll be able to have it today.

You’ll discover:

  • 5 advanced beat selling strategies that will not only keep your artists and beat customers buying every month, but will transform them into “raving fans” of your beat business (this isn’t about uploading a few beats to Soundcloud or Youtube and calling it a day with zero sales.
  • The #1 mistake most producers make when it comes to selling their beats. This will screw you up so bad that you’ll probably start losing the few customers you DO have!
  • The perfect formula of sounds and layers you need in your beats that you HAVE to employ in your beats and your mixes. Most producers make this mistake, and it costs them sales and artist interest.
  • What your opening intro should be and how to get the sale every time…and what it should NOT be. Get this right, and your beats will form everlasting bonds with your customer.
  • Got beat block? You’ll discover 3 types of ways to instantly start any beat that you can use over and over again, that artists LOVE—and most of these don’t require any theory or knowledge of music.
  • …and a whole LOT more!

Here’s the deal: the relationship with your potential beat buyer and paying beat customer list is NOT a static asset. There are many producers that brag about having huge lists of artists that want to buy their beats, but it’s not the size of the list that makes a difference — it’s the relationship with that list.

You see, I know people with 10 or 20 beats for sale who outperform others who have 500 - 1000 for sale. I also know people who only have 10 people buying from them, that make more then others that have 50 people buying from them.

Why? That’s because the former has a
better relationship with their customers and clients.

So if you’re going to ignore the customers, and clients that have come to you, done business with you, and sit there and assume you’re “top of mind” at all times, you better think again.

Keeping the relationship of your customers means having as many “touches” as possible with that list of buyers. If you were to add up all the emails, texts, social media, and other means we use to “touch” our prospects and members every year, it’s at least 300 times.

And there are 365 days in a year, so you can do the math.

But of all these methods of keeping in touch with your customers, and clients, there is 1 tool Cras Bangers and Certified Producer has determined to be the
 #1 “gamechanger” when it comes to creating an 'army” of buyers… and fencing them in so they’ll NEVER leave you for another producer

If you don't use this tool, this leaves you constantly running uphill…constantly needing to make more beat sales. Which is like up a steep hill made of ice, wearing ice skates…it’s a useless endeavor that’ll just leave you frustrated, confused, and wanting to throw in the towel.

I don’t want this to happen to you! I've had customers that have stuck with us for as much as 10 years, can you imagine that? And they buy all my beats, come to lives, watch every YouTube video, and ask for what other beats I have for sale, and to tell them when I have new ones to buy.

All the “heavy hitters” I’ve worked
with follow this same blueprint

Offered To You Now!

All the “heavy hitters” I’ve worked with follow this same blueprint Offered

To You Now!

All the “heavy hitters” I’ve worked
with follow this same blueprint offered to you now.

It also won’t take you long to consume this system either.

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