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I’m living proof that you can break out of your introverted shell and become a major producer online without having to network and “put yourself out there” by going to endless conventions and other networking events that never lead anywhere for you.

Or worse yet, you may be in the middle of nowhere with no hip hop scene and you’re wondering how you’re ever going to break through.

Well i have your answer and i am proud to give it to you.

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Introducing My One and Only, Never before revealed Ultimate Ad Secrets Course which shows you exactly how I run ads profitably on the internet to both rappers and producers to earn 5 figures a month and counting, doing what i love to do.
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Cras' - Ultimate Ad Course

How To Hurry up and get your first ad up and running without waiting and without the hassle,

so you can start getting more leads and sales then you ever have, in your business, on autopilot.

I teach you in a way that’s SO EASY, you’ll be relieved that it’s not super duper hard and complex.  Because I’m lazy, and I don’t like waiting.

So I’m always looking for the fastest and best way to get things done.  I can’t stand WAITING!  ???? 

Cras' - Ultimate Beat Selling Secrets

My Official "Beat Selling Course" which shows you:
- how to find artists online that need your beats
- how to introduce yourself
- what to say
- how to promote yourself
- how to get more artists than you can handle to want YOUR beats!

This is my proven system that will help you double your beat sales and sell more beats and get more beat customers then you ever have before!

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check your ads and beat selling strategy.

If they are wack, you're dead before you started....

out the game. 

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Learn From Someone Who's Done It 

Iʼve produced on platinum albums and worked with platinum legendary producers including:

  •  Q-Tip 
  • Rodney Jerkins 
  • Young Chop 
  • 9th Wonder 
  • Warren G
  • and other multi platinum artists...

...and Iʼve taught producers how to sell their beats with Beat Selling Secrets Course.

Iʼm also the creator of Beat Selling Secrets Course.

Daylyt and Cras

E-40 and Cras

Cras and DJ Battlecat

Too Short and Cras

Warren G and Cras

Jalen Rose and Cras

You can't skip steps. 

It all starts with the drums.

If you don't have the right foundation, everything else you do is a waste of time.

Grab these sounds now so you can get started on the path to supporting your family. Imagine actually getting paid to do something you love. Rolling into the studio to work with Chief Keef. 

Your phone blowing up with DMs of artists lookin to work with you.


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