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Here is the Foundations course curriculum:

Cras Producer Courses 

  • Trap Beats Training 
  • Producer Marketing Blueprint 
  • Beat Selling Secrets 
  • Producer Mixing Blueprint 
  • FL Studio Secrets

Exclusive E-Books 

  • 8 Killer Instagram Tips For BeatMakers 
  • Confidential Beat Sales Script 
  • How To Make A Living Selling Your Beats Online In 4 Months 
  • How To Grow Your Online Beat Sales
  • The Secret To Weeding Out The Real From The Fake 
  • The Secret Behind Finding The Right Artists 
  • The 80/20 Rule 
  • Cras Ultimate Mixing Blueprint
  • A Little Secret Trick To Get An Instant Artist To Pick A Beat They’ll Pay For
  •  Why do Artists Still Buy Beats in Tough Times 
  • 3 Proven Ways to End Beat Block for Good 
  • 5 Ways to Generate More Buzz for your Beats
  • 10 Producer Marketing Secrets - How to End Beat Block Forever! 
  • The Secret to Attracting the Right Artist to our Beats!

Cras Exclusive Live Beat Making 

  • Trap Beat Tutorial – How To Make A Beat From Scratch! 
  • Making A Beat From Scratch ( FAST ) 
  • How To Make Drum Transitions ( 2019 ) 
  • Cras Live on Twitch Highlight Video
  • Melody Tutorial – How To Make Melodies
  • Cras Making 2019 Type Beats “Live” 
  • Melody Tutorial ( 2019 )
  • Making Live Beats from Scratch! + Melody Tutorial ( 2019 mac ) 
  • Trap Beats Tutorial ( 2019 )
  • Beats from Scratch! + Melody Tutorial ( 2019 )

Cras Member's Only Tutorials 

  • How To Make Trap Drums Quick and Easy
  • Discover The Secret To Spicing Up Boring Beats – beat tutorial 
  • Discover The Secret To Add Spice To Your Beats The Easy Way – how to make a beat 
  • This Subtle Effect Will Add A Ton of Flavor to Your 808 Patterns 
  • How To Spice Up Trap Hi-Hats Quickly and Easily
  • Discover The Secret To Mixing Your Beats How To Level Your Beats – Part 2 
  • How To Make Industry Level Beats With Ease 
  • Trap Tutorials - Discover The Secret To Creating The Perfect Trap Snare Roll Tutorial For Trap Beats 
  • How To Make Trap Drums Quick Easy
  • Discover Mixing Secrets for FL Studio Mixing So Good Your Next Artist Will Beg To Buy The Beat 
  • FL Studio Industry Beat Secrets Exposed – how to make a hip hop beat 
  • Building Melodies and Creating Intros – Using FL Studio 20 
  • How To Mix and Arrange Your Beat 
  • FL Secrets Trap Beats Training 101 
  • Making 2 Beats from Scratch 
  • Video For Beginner Beat Makers  
  • How To Create A Melody 
  • Trap Beat ( 2019 Tutorial ) 
  • How To Mix A Trap Beat Lightning Fast!

Cras Drumkits 

  • RnB Drumkit Pack 
  • Old School Drumkit Pack 
  • Chicago Drill Drumkit Pack 
  • Grime Drumkit Pack 

Cras Member's Cheat Sheets 

  • The Ultimate Producer Website Checklist 
  • How To Make Dope Hook and Verse Sections in your Beats 
  • Ultimate Beat-Making Cheat Sheet

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Daylyt and Cras

E-40 and Cras

Cras and DJ Battlecat

Too Short and Cras

Warren G and Cras

Jalen Rose and Cras

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*This offer is only available on this page. After closing this page, joining the Producer Accelerator Center will cost $37 upfront. 

Normally $37 for first 30 days. Limited time offer. Access to our growing library of industry music courses (100+ hours), producer marketing lessons, exclusive music tools, downloads, and more for just $1 for 30 days. After the 30 days the tuition is only $1.23/day, if you decide to remain a member. 

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Inside The Producer Accelerator:

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Exclusive Video Courses:

Major Music Courses To Take Your Beats and Marketing To The Next Level!

- Cras - FL Secrets XXXL + Bonus Access

- Cras - Ultimate Trap Beats - Video Training Course

- Cras - Ultimate Mixing Blueprint 

- Cras - Ultimate Beat Selling Course

- Cras - Ultimate Marketing BluePrint :

-:Cras - Get Your Music Out There and Be Heard! - Formula (*Releasing Soon )

Cras - Ultimate Secrets to Networking and Building Real Industry Relationships (*Releasing Soon )

Get access to the producers private members area and learn how to create dope beats & the systematic process of beat marketing & selling. 

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Production Music Tools:

- Cras - Platinum Mega Drumkit Pack

- Cras - Drag and Drop Beats Mode - SCORE PACK!

- Cras - Chords Galore! Hip Hip Chord Changes - Score / Midi - Dope Pack!

These exclusive music tools will help you get that industry quality sound that your beats are needing. 

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Exclusive Member Only Downloads:

- Cras - Secret Behind Finding The "Right" Artists

- Cras - The 80/20 Rule

- Cras - 3 Proven Ways To End Beat Block For Good

- Cras - 5 Ways To Generate More Buzz For Your Beats

- Cras - A Little Secret Trick To Get An Artist To Pick A Beat They'll Pay For

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*This offer is only available on this page. After closing this page, joining the Producer Accelerator Center will cost $37 upfront.