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#1 secret to neva goin broke!


The big problem is that it’s all around you….

Being broke…
Having a broke mentality…
Knowing someone who’s broke…

It’s not good…

Wanna know the secret to Neva going broke?

It’s prolly not what you were thinking it was….

Cuz the answer was so closed to u all along….

The secret is to “Bet on urself


Lemme explain….

Produces are some of the most lowest confidence havin….

Most humble….

Most “nah its cool”

Most giving people out there in the game…

Shocking for me to find out hella other produceds were just like me….

I didnt start out like this…

Puttin myself out there….

Branding myself…

In fact, it was super hard to do in the beginning….

I wanted to be known for my sound…

For how dope my beats were….

Only problem was that i was shy…

I didnt want to be in the limelight….

And still dont…

U know what tho?

I “did” wanna get paid tho…

And when my mentors let me know the guaranteed way to make bread in this industsy was to brand myself…

I knew i had to do it no matter how much i resisted it…..

It actually took me a while to come around to doing it….

And guess what….

It didnt pop off right away like i thought it would…

That was what made it even more excruciating to go thru….

Imagine being shy to begin with and then not really getting much reception once i decided to put myselfout there”….

It was horrible….

It made me want to stop….

In fact i did….

A couple times….

It all changed when i met this one mentor who showed me a proven step by step system….

And guess what?

I followed it….

And u know what happened???

I got results….

For the first time i had artists hittin ME up….

Imagine that…

But it still wasnt poppin the way i thought it would be even still and i still had a lot to learn….

Me just getting a small taste of what it was like to actually be pursued for my beats lit a fire underneath me….

I had to get to a higher level and fast…..

So i went and got another mentor…

Someone who was on an even higher level than the first one i had…

And i picked his brain….

And he told me exactly what to do….

And i did it…..

It was at that point the flood gates opened and i had finally cracked the code and was selling beats like crazy…..

I was so juiced, i didnt know what to do….

I had finally achieved what i considered my life mission and that was to put myself in the position to do beats all day

And get paid.


I thought it was just a myth….

I didnt think it could ever be possible….

After a while it became routine….

It wasnt no big thing anymore….

So i actually began reaching out to other artists and producers with my new found marketing gifts….

I hooked up with a couple and started helping them market their music online…

And guess what…

It worked again!

And get this….

They were already poppin but had NEVER made money like this before…

It was right there i knew i had something that i wanted to help other producers with…

My friends….

My homies…

It sucks to see people strugglin…..

Especially people u know that are just like u….

The way i was brought up… i just gotta heart that  wants to help everyone….

U know whats crazy about that though?

Sometimes u find out that u want success for other people more than even they do….

Youll do more for them then they’ll do for themself…

So that was frustrating as fuck too….

I had to figure out a way to get with producers who knew by investing in themselves, they would make it to where theyre going….


Any time u invest in yourself, u commit to it…

When u invest in urself, u make sure you take the knowledge and secrets and apply it

Thats the key

Its all about that action…

Just remember the secret to your goals is DAP


First you make a decision to change shit up

Step outside of your box.

Then the next step is Action

Take action

Do what you been putting off
Even if its just a small step.

3rd step is be PERSISTENT

Be persistent as f*ck

Dont let anyone tell u, that u cant make it

I used to think that was corny.

But guess what

Its the truth

If u let anyone even partially convince u that u cant make it

Its gonna slow u down for weeks, months and even maybe years

I dont want that for u…..

You cant afford to waste any time.
It already might be the 4th quarter for u….

But i promise u this….

If u make a commitment to learn the secrets of how to market yourself as a producer and how to make money with your beats online…

It will change your life.

Yo money aint everything but this isnt about money its about u and your independence.

U either gonna work for someone else’s dreams and spend ur hard earned money completing someone else’s dreams ( jordans, clothes, gadgets, tree )

Whatever it is….

Or you’re going to work for yourself

Put every dollar into yourself

Until you’re consistently making enough to support yourself independently….

How will that change things for u when you’re able to do that?

So lets not delay or waste any more time….

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All the proven techniques…

All the step by step systems and i put them all inside my Producer Marketing Course that’s available now after heavy demand.

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Well the time is now…

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