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What is the Producer Accelerator Program?

  • It's a subscription where producers get music production and marketing information, training, and music tools to level up their music career. It includes a library of proven producer secrets and insight video courses guaranteed to take your beats & marketing to the next level
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Who is the Producer Accelerator Program for?

  • This membership is for producers who are looking to take a step forward in their music production career - producers who want to make awesome beats and effectively SELL their music.
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What makes the Producer Accelerator Program different from other offerings?

  • This membership contains ALL you need to level-up as a producer. You won't find this all-in-one deal anywhere else!

How much is it?

  • For today only, we're giving away 30-day trials for the Producer Accelerator Program at just $1!
  • After the first 30 days, the monthly fee is $37/month

    Is the Producer Accelerator Program going to help me as a producer?

  • YES, of course! This program was designed exactly for that purpose - to help producers achieve their goals!