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13 Steps To Live The Producer Good Life

Step 1 is Mindset - most producers quietly don't think they'll ever make it 

- you gotta get your mind right first

Step 2 is choosing which sound you want to focus on first as a producer

 - you'll need to have a sound that is familiar to artists that like rapping over the style of beats you make

Step 3 - Setup your Social Media Accounts so they are clear and understandable

and present you in the best light 

( here's a cheat sheet on how to setup your social media accounts )

Step 4 - Give to Get - Pick two BANGERS that you've made and designate them as your 2 Free Beats 

that you will give away to any rapper that wants them

Step 5 - Make sure to collect the emails of the rappers that request your 2 free beat, 

so you can talk to hundreds of rappers all at once

Step 6 - Commit - Your success as a producer is going to be directly correlated with your commitment to MARKETING yourself DAILY.

Step 7 - Biggest Secret - BUILD RELATIONSHIPS - Once you put these steps in place, artists are going to start reaching out to YOU! Commit to building relationships and follow up with each artist that reaches out to you. This will give them trust that you aren’t in it only for the money and you care about them.  They’ll be much more ready to give you what you want, if you give them what they want, and many times that’s attention and help with their music which will be with your beats.

Step 8 - Offer bundle deals and package deals - Most Producers let their ego block their beat sales.  Yes, your beats are worth $1500 and more per beat, but you must crawl before you ball.  Bundle multiple beats together and offer beat bundles for special pricing that will give your artists VALUE for their money.  They are looking for value, and if you’ll be the one giving it to them, you’ll have a client for life.

Step 9 - Get A Soundcloud Account and host your beats there so it’s easy for artists to listen to your beats.  You can also load special playlists that you can use as your “Bundle Packages” and offer all beats in the playlist for a “SPECIAL PRICE” never use the word “discount”.

Step 10 - Get a Stripe Account, A Venmo account and a Paypal Account.  Once your artist is ready to buy a beat from you, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to give you money.  Have multiple ways for them to pay you, so they can choose the method that works best for THEM.  Making it a hassle for artists to give you money will block your sales.

Step 11 - When you have the budget, get an account with BeatStars AND Airbit.  These are ready to go beat stores that will give your customers even more options to buy beats from you, which is the goal.

Step 12Use the “Email Signature” in your email to give links to your social media accounts and your beat stores and your locations to listen to your beats.  Surround them with your beats and your online destinations. 

Step 13 - Use a website to bring it all together and legitimize yourself as a professional producer. Making a website can be extremely frustrating and expensive. This company has made it shockingly simple to get a pro website - Click here