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15 things u gotta give up to make hella bread:

Today imma share wit u some of the most potent nuggets of game that I’ve created….

This checklist will help u get rid of everything holding u back from making this bread and a

ton of it… peep game….

Remove these things from your life ASAP!

1. Friends that talk down on your ideas
2. Thinking you aren’t “ready”
3. Thinking you don’t deserve it yet
4. tv
5. Video games
6. People that waste your time
7. Waiting on other people
8. Making excuses ( any kind )
9. The story of why u haven’t made it
10. Spending money on clothes / cars / jewelry
11. Thinking educating urself on what u don’t know is wack / bad / not worth it
12. Friends that clearly aren’t going anywhere
13. Taking the advice of people that are NOT where you want to be
14. Caring about what everyone thinks
15. Social media – ( if it’s not spent ONLY to get you new beat clients )


Keep this with you…

Place it on your wall….

Read it everyday…

U bout to get it bro… first step is to believe…
Second step is to take action…

Let’s get it


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