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“5 Pro Tips to Use Video to Get More Engagement Than Ever!”

The New Producer Problem:

Most producers struggle to get their beats heard and market themselves successfully to artists that buy beats.
If you  follow these Pro Video Marketing Tips for Producers, you’ll experience a growth in audience and followers like you never before.
You may have questions like:
What content do you post in your videos?
When do your post your videos, during the week?
How often?
Most producers lack a proven system…..a strategy…a marketing blueprint to follow.
These 5 tips will help you get more engagement than ever before from your next video.
The best thing about it, is that you can start using these methods today!

Effective Video Marketing Tips:

Tip #1. Post your producer Videos on the same day and same time

People like to know when u go live and that it’s the same time. every week…
Think of it like your tv show. people can expect it at a set time.  Choose a day and time that works best for u.
Do it every week. Start with what’s easiest…
Then do more if u can. Being consistent is most important.

Tip #2. Stick with what you know

Avoid talking about how to win a championship ring if you never stepped on a basketball court lol…
if u want to be a producer, talk about things producers talk about.
if u dont kno what that is, look up ur idols and see what they r talking about and start there.
Avoid videos that are all over the place in terms of direction and topics. Keep to one topic. Be yourself.
Its ok to clown or have fun.  Make sure it’s done in the context of your topics surrounding production music and your beats.

Tip #3. give yourself something to say…PRACTICE

noboddyyy wants to hear u say “um” and “uh” through ur whole video lol…so even if ur doin live…u gotta practice a little beforehand or write sumthin down for u to talk about. prepare urself and ur video will be better.

Tip #4. tell people when you’re gonna be on and what ur doing

make sure ppl r watching! thats how u will get ur name out there. so u gotta be shameless and promote. dont be shy about it. most likely ur homies gonna watch the videos & it’ll be all good. so get the word out there cuz u want an audience!!

Tip #5. make sure your stuff is worth peoples time

u gotta make ppl stay watching the whole video or be on while u r live. u gotta try to make sure that ur videos give ur followers something new to think about…a new style…a new tip…how to get ahead…something that they will want to keep watchin more of.
If you follow these steps, your video engagement will increase consistently.
Consistency is the key.


If you do it for one week and then stop, don’t expect huge results.
Remember, your success as a producer is a marathon, and not a sprint.
However it doesn’t mean you can’t move at a rapid pace, starting now!
Listen, if you’re ready to transform your production business and learn how to make more
money than ever before because you’re tired of trying to reach your goals with little
direction, or strategy, or step by step guidance, than I have something perfect for you.
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