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“5 Secrets to Getting A Buzz That Won’t Stop!”

Here’s the problem!

It is harder than ever for artists to break out and be heard in today’s music landscape.

With all of this competition, it’s more critical than ever to understand what the best moves are to make.

This article is geared to help you put together a strategy to be both seen and heard from this point forward.

After reading this you’ll have a better understanding of what it means to:

  • increase your social media following

  • be able to reach more people, fans and potential audience

  • get to your music goals faster than ever before with a strategy

Here are the 5 Secrets to Get An Unstoppable Buzz!


Ok, I could stop right there and consider it a done deal, however for everyone that may not be there yet, here are actionable tips to apply right now, to get a buzz that never stops.

1. Find Out What Your Audience Wants

  • the key to appealing to an audience is to give them what they want….

  • find out, ask questions, study, research, and understand what makes your audience go wild!

2. Do Competitor Research on Artists Similar to You

  • find out what they do that appeals to the audience the most

  • look at the comments and compliments

  • understand what fans online are looking for and what validates them

  • once you understand how the formula works, create your own!

3. Engage With Every Fan Of Yours

  • if you have even just one fan…value them…

  • find out why they support your music and you as an artist

  • look for more people similar to them

  • encourage them to become more involved and spread the word

4. Give them new material every week

  • real fans want a reason to be fans

  • what do people want? they want to be entertained!

  • don’t be boring….ever

  • fans get bored easily and there are tons of artists trying to get their attention

  • be consistent – always drop hot music

  • post new content each day, and at least one NEW song or beat per week

  • fans want to support consistency and someone that’s a master at their craft

5. Be Yourself

  •  No one else out there is like you….you’re unique

  • Understand what makes you special and how to appeal to strangers…

  • practice meeting strangers and getting them hooked from your personality instantly….

  • get good at that and you’ve got the game….

  • post photos and videos that are real…. don’t just stick to the glamour shots lol

Execute these 5 Secrets consistently and you will see a dramatic rise in your following, engagement and overall appeal.

Always remember to be yourself, stay true to you and invest in your career with knowledge and other training.

This is what separates the high achievers from the average performers.
Go out and get started!  It’s yours for the taking!


Producer, DJ and Founder of International Marketing Agency:

Bonus tip:
Start a YouTube channel!

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

Get content on YouTube ASAP and keep uploading more!!!!
– songs
– vlogs
– funny skits
– documentary style videos where you are hanging out in your natural element
– interviews
– Tutorials
– how to’s
– anything interesting
– do your research