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A cuz! What’s the problem?

Lotta producers and artists have a major problem. 

You may not admit it. 

It’s there. 

Everyone has one...or two...maybe even 3.

The question is “what is it?”

Welcome to the “hard part.

How do you figure out what the problem is?

This is where it gets tricky. 

See your problem is only fixable if you’re willing to admit it. 

Not only that...

Your problem is only fixable if you know what your problem is. 

What if you don’t know what your problem is?

Once you do, then you’ll find a way to solve it. 

If you decide to Keep it hidden.

U may never fix it out. 

You don’t want that. 

For years i had a problem. 

The worst part of it was I thought i was fixing it. 

Every day. Long hours invested. 

Making beats. Beat after beat. 

Getting better at my beats. 

Knowing one day i would “get discovered”. 

Someone would “notice me”. 

I do wish i could get that time back. 

Instead i have to think positive about it and say that “It’s what makes me who i am today.” 

Well yeah... lol

My problem wasn’t making better beats. 

But i thought it was 

My problem wasn’t “putting in enough time in the studio”...because i was doing that....

 but i thought it was......

My problem wasn’t hanging around the right crew.... i ran with artists that had went platinum... mulitple times! ( and i even produced for them!!! )

None of that was my problem. 

you know what my problem was?

My problem was marketing

I had a marketing problem. 

I thought i had a problem with the quality of my beats or my work ethic.  Nope. 

Not hardly. 

My problem was marketing. 

If i had people constantly in my inbox asking me to listen to beats so they could buy them... do yu think i would even think about a “deal”?

Back then If i made more money off of beats then i did from a 9 to 5 job or the side hustles i was doing.... do you think i would have kept doing them?

Heck no!!!

If i was paid based on how good my beats where, and based on who needed those beats, i would have been VERY well paid. 

But here is some shocking news. 

You are NOT paid based on how good your beats are. 

You are NOT paid based on who out there in music industry needs beats.  

You are ONLY paid based on who is asking YOU for beats. 

Do you know the only way to get more and more people asking to buy beats from you?

Better marketing

That’s the only thing you can work on that will put you in a position of power - Guaranteed!

Now, you might be thinking....

“But Cras, i dont like to put myself out there....”

All i’ll say to that is “neither do i”

But i like being independent better than relying on someone for a check. 

Do you want to be in a position where all you have to worry about is “how hard will i go for myself today?”

If so...then you need to take a serious look at what you are doing every day...

And if making beats is what consumes 95% - 100% of your time, then i promise you are doing it wrong. 

It hurts me to say that because i used to be a believer that talent will take you there....

But the reality is knowing how to market yourself is what will bring you the phat checks. Talent is important but its definitely the only thing. 

If you want a guaranteed way to succeed tgen figure out how to market yourself as well as you make beats and you’ll see yourself rise. 


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