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Almost Homeless….

I was NOT ready for this…..

It brought me to a COMPLETE PANIC!

My world was falling apart and I couldn’t do anything to stop it!

I told myself I’d NEVER EVER do that again…

The door slammed shut behind me…

new chapter began and it was a complete surprise…

Was I ready?

Did I learn my lesson?

I was petrified and afraid of the unknown…..

Would I be able to survive on my own?

All of those questions raced non-stop in my head….

It was all too fast….


I told myself I could do it…

It was all good just a week ago….

Life was normal…..predictable….

Steady job… new baby on the way…

And it all came crashing down….

The economy was in the toilet so my job as an IT Manager came to an end….

I got FIRED!

I had been preparing for this but nothing can prepare you for the actual moment….

What could I do?

I was passionate about beats, but I wasn’t really going hard….

Nothing was selling…. And I didn’t know about consistency and dropping beats every day….

I didn’t know that I had to talk to 20 artists every day and brush rejection off like it didn’t faze me….

Back then I reacted and was sensitive to EVERYONE’S opinion….

A good comment would send me to euphoria and I knew it was only a matter of time before I “made it”….

A bad comment….

Well a bad comment would send me into a spiral of depression…..

I’d be paralyzed and stuck… not wanting to make another beat after that…..

I look back and wonder how I let a total stranger or ANYONE for that matter….

Have so much IMPACT on my life….

The life I had to live…..

Well no more….

I said enough was a enough….

And I made a change…

This change would shape my life forever…..

It freed me from my 9 to 5 FOREVER….

Never again did I even apply for another job…..

Never filled out another application…..

Never went to another job interview…..

That chapter in my life was closed for good…..

I know you’re reading this and you may want to know how I did it…

You may want the same for your life….

You may want to break free from the 9 to 5

I’ll be the first one to tell you that it’s the SINGLE most rewarding thing you’ll ever do FOR YOURSELF.

This isn’t about me, it’s about you….

It’s about you entering into the person you want to become….

It’s not about being a producer…

It’s not about being famous….

It’s not about having the cars and the clothes, and the girls…

Sure, this life comes with those things….

But this is about being the person YOU can be….

This is about taking care of your family…

Your ENTIRE family….

Don’t You Want to Do That?

Don’t you want to wake up every day and not have to report to anyone?

Not have to do ANYTHING else except focus on making beats and marketing those beats?

It probably seems unreal to you….

You may even doubt yourself…. ( I know I did )

But you see it all around you now….

There has never been a better time to be a producer….

Producers are making 6 figures online …..

You may laugh but it won’t be long before someone is making 6 figures per MONTH with their beats….

Can you imagine that?

That’s more than 1 million per year….

There’s never been a better time to be exactly what you are….

A Talented Producer who is willing to put in the work….

I understand that you may want a system….

You may want a step by step program that’s going to teach you all of the in’s and outs….

  • How to make industry beats….

  • How to Sell your beats….

  • How to Market your beats….

  • Even how to MIX your beats so they have that industry sound…..

Well I’ve wrapped ALL of that up….

I’ve made it easier than ever before to have…..

In my Producer Accelerator Program you get access to it all….

You get access to all my secrets….

All of my insights…

All of the methods that I use today to structure a powerful Beat Business….

It’s not just about selling beats, it’s about living a lifestyle…

The question is, do you want to break free from the 9 to 5?

Do you want to break free from living paycheck to paycheck?

These are serious questions that I don’t take lightly…

I’m VERY proud of the fact that I haven’t had a 9 to 5 since 2010….

I broke free….

And it was the BEST thing that’s ever happened to me….

I’m writing this from you right now, sitting in my kitchen in Maui…..

My family has been traveling around now for the past 2 years…..

We packed up or gave away or sold all of our stuff… ( except the mobile studio and the mic! Lol )

And We’ve gone to Lisbon, Morocco, Cape Verde Islands… driven cross country…


And we’re just getting started…

I plan to take everyone to Bali in a few months after we stop back in California…..

And this is ALL possible because of the internet and being able to sell beats and my products from ANYWHERE….

I also do a few more things that I’ll teach you about….but that’s just because it’s hard for me to focus on just one thing….

Have you ever had multiple passions?

I make thousands of dollars selling beats and if you want to see proof, just send me a DM…

I’m not one to post that kind of stuff, but I know one day my son will read this, so anything I say, you can take to the bank…..I have integrity and my mission is to help you….


Because I’ve found that helping people is actually more rewarding then making a ton of money….

I have millionaire friends that are MISERABLE and I feel bad for them….

I work with them also and encourage them to use their passion to help others….


Because I know it will help THEM….inside…..

I’m getting off topic….

If you are ready to step into who YOU are and live powerfully….

If YOU are ready to take responsibility and take matters into your own hands….

And follow a complete program that’s going to teach you how to break free from the 9 to 5 using your beats,

And your talent as an artist, then take this opportunity right now to join the program for only $1 ( for 30 days )

After that, the program is only $37/month ……

I have other training where you get to work directly with me, and those are more costly…..

Those are around $150 - $500/month and it’s only for the advanced producers out there that are already

Established and want to take the next step to making 5 figures per month with their beats and their music….

But for you right now, are you ready to transform the day to day life you’re living?

Are you willing to invest in yourself and make a new life a reality?

But Cras, how can I afford it? I’m broke….

How do I know this will work for me?

If you DO THE WORK….

If you put in the time…

If you are consistent…..

It will work for you…

Planes take off against the resistance of the wind…

In order for you to reach new heights, it’s necessary for you to face resistance head on….

My wife and I used to live in a 1 bedroom apartment, getting “hooked up”

And it wasn’t until I stepped outside of my comfort zone and moved us into a big house

With a rent I never thought I’d be able to afford, did I actually step up and change from the inside…

When you are selling beats everyday and making your own money, you’re going to look back and say,

That $1 was the smartest money I’ve ever invested in my life…

You’re going to say…I’m SO GLAD that I invested in myself…

You’re actually going to be scared at what your life would have been like if you never took that chance to bet on yourself…..

I look back when I lost my job in 2010 and I get SCARED thinking about what my life would have been like If that never happened….

The only thing I”m upset about was that it didn’t happen sooner…..

So take this time right now and think about what your life is going to be like when you are uploading beats every day….

When you are getting beat sales, every day…

When you are reaching out to new artists… EVERY DAY…

When you are motivated to get up in the morning… EVERY DAY…

When your girl looks at you and is proud of what you’re doing…. EVERY DAY…

When you realize that you made the right decision and you’ll never look back… EVERY DAY……

It’s a feeling I can’t describe…..

You have total control…..

Its not be me, it’s about you….

I’m giving you a chance to use the tools and you are going to choose to use it, or you’re going to pass up on it….

But Cras is there a guarantee that it will work?

Yo, the one thing I will guarantee you 10000% is that if you don’t change the course of your life…

If you don’t change the way you view investing in yourself….

If you don’t change the path that you’re headed…..

I GUARANTEE you 6 months from now… a year from now…. 3 years from now….

You will be in the same situation or very close to the same situation you’re in Right now, this minute…..

If you do not invest in yourself… nothing will change…

THAT I can guarantee you….

So make up your mind to change things right here and now and get with someone who can show you a better way….

I’m nothing special…I had a mentor…. And I feel everyone should have one….

If it’s not me, then find someone that can lead you out of the situation you’re in ….

If you want to get started, Click here and make sure you go through ALL of the training courses my program has to offer, and once you begin to do this and follow the insights and secrets that I expose to you…. You will start to see the change….

Make sure you follow the entire program….

I give you access to new modules and new training each month….

Start following along and it’s going to transform things for you….

Do the work…. Get the results…..

Start now.