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BEAT CLINIC: The Purpose of an Intro!

Music follows marketing and business in a lot of ways.

The MOST successful marketers and business people typically know how to get attention.

In music and beats it’s no different.

The first rule is to GET ATTENTION.

This is what the INTRO does.

With your intro, you want to grab the attention of the listener, whether it’s a fan, artist, executive or anyone. GRAB ATTENTION.

There are many ways to grab attention.

You can go for shocking or surprising.

You can go for ominous and spooky.

You can try and capture attention by generating curiosity, to make someone wonder:
“What’s coming next?”

There is no hard rules, or formulas.

The general guidelines are to keep intros between 2 and 4 bars.

Other good tips I’ve embraced are to use a different texture, or set of sounds ( With no drums ) that are completely distinct and different from the main groove or melody.

Of course there are going to be examples of these guidelines being broken successfully and unsuccessfully everywhere you turn, however you if you are just starting out.

This could be a simple and easy formula to keep in mind.

* Make it either 2 or 4 bars
* Make it have different sounds and melodies
* Don’t put in any drums
* Make it interesting
* Don’t spend too much time agonizing over it ( let it flow )

Hope this helps!

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