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Biggest mistake rappers make

I wanted to shed light on a huge problem that many rap artists don’t even know about.


I want to make sure you’re equipped with the right insight and knowledge to help you make the best choices when picking beats.


The BIGGEST mistake I see all the time with rappers is that they select beats that don’t have any room for them on it.


The biggest difference I hear in songs on the radio and songs from independent artists are that radio bangers are sparse. Radio bangers often leave a lot of room for the artist to spit.


Remember that your vocal is another instrument. If there are too many instruments crowding the track then you won’t be heard.


There are different schools of thought that say the human brain can’t follow more than 3 things at a time.


Your vocal needs to be one of them.


Drums Chords Your voice ( or lead when you aren’t rapping )That’s an extremely simplistic and simple formula, but when you really think about it.


In music “Less is often more”. That’s not to say there are any permanent rules but I do want you to be aware that most DOPE DOPE music leaves plenty of room to breathe for the artist.


Hope this helps! Leave a comment below with your opinion.


I like to hear from my community!

32 thoughts on “Biggest mistake rappers make

    1. Good stuff………An Breezy famous get at me I make beats an spit Juggernaut Zee look me up an hit me up I’m everywhere

      1. Check me out and see if I can help you out.. I can write in all main genres and love writing lyrics that people can fully relate to.. Check out my IG @Ayokingru or my FB Nate Gordon (Fort Collins, CO)

        1. There we go…that’s the way to start…. start by helping…by giving….
          Hit up people every day like that and it’s only a matter of time before you have clients.
          I’ll try and get to that when I get a chance.
          Shoot me a link to click. Thanks!

  1. Great insight. It’s crazy how I learned production backwards. As a music producer and audio engineer gain staging was one of the last things I learned. I heard about headroom but not the specifics.. This is very important. Check my productiin on my playlist

  2. Trying to get signed to a label shouldn’t be your goal in 2018. Labels need you . Great your own brand buzz and use sites like and cd baby to get distribution . Bless up

  3. I think that the number one problem is the mixer it is their job to fit the music and keep the vocals upfront just as on any other genre of music. The difference I’m a song that’s played on radio and those that are not is politics and knee come from someone who spent a number of years in radio and record companies. Hip-Hop is treated differently than other genre and it is killing the art form. That school that says the brain can only follow three sounds is so stupid cause check out other forms of music, Bass-, horns,keys,guitar, drums,vocals.IJS

  4. this is exactly what I’ve been working on the past couple weeks since someone gave me the feedback to chill a little on the ear candy and the excitement

    anyways, I still make the darkest, coldest, most godless beats out there soundcloutdotcom/fettikrueger or yungmoondotcom

    1. This is definitely true. I was jus having this exact conversation with another producer…knowing when to stop adding stuff to your beat is critical and difficult for some ppl.

  5. Thanks for the lesson amd knowledge.. I’m really tryna up my game as an artist.. I’m posting videos on my social media and hopefully I get the feed back and exposure that I need.. Check me out please and tell me what I need to personally work on @Ayokingru is my IG Nate Gordon (Fort Collins, CO) FB.. Let me know what you think please..

  6. My name is zigla I have a couple YouTube video’s out look it up u.g.k. ft shadow S.K.I.L.L.Z im trying to make new music for the new peps

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