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Biggest mistake rappers make

I wanted to shed light on a huge problem that many rap artists don’t even know about.


I want to make sure you’re equipped with the right insight and knowledge to help you make the best choices when picking beats.


The BIGGEST mistake I see all the time with rappers is that they select beats that don’t have any room for them on it.


The biggest difference I hear in songs on the radio and songs from independent artists are that radio bangers are sparse. Radio bangers often leave a lot of room for the artist to spit.


Remember that your vocal is another instrument. If there are too many instruments crowding the track then you won’t be heard.


There are different schools of thought that say the human brain can’t follow more than 3 things at a time.


Your vocal needs to be one of them.


Drums Chords Your voice ( or lead when you aren’t rapping )That’s an extremely simplistic and simple formula, but when you really think about it.


In music “Less is often more”. That’s not to say there are any permanent rules but I do want you to be aware that most DOPE DOPE music leaves plenty of room to breathe for the artist.


Hope this helps! Leave a comment below with your opinion.


I like to hear from my community!