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As a producer, I was always overanalyze, overthinking things and I was really putting too much thought into what I was doing.

You wanna know what the secret is?

Understand the notion of being totally immune to criticism--

1.) One wrong comment is not worth stopping what you've started.
-One wrong comment should not affect your thoughts, plans and goals..

We all got that harsh comment, we all got that really bad email, we all got that side that criticizes us. But don't let it bring you down. To the point that you are losing hope and you don't want to continue.

2.) Focus on stepping up.
-Always keep this on your mind. You are still growing.

Although you are on the way up to the next level, you are still growing and you will always be. And the key to always growing, the key to not stopping yourself and not putting the brakes on yourself is "to not be critical of yourself and others."

3.) Pay no attention to criticism.
-It stops you in your tracks and all the things that you want to do.

4.) Look at the bright side.
-Whether it is a bad comment or it is a compliment, you should appreciate it. Use it as a motivation to continue and not to stop.

I make these videos to help you.

Because I've been there and I definitely know how it feels, I'm with you. And the faster you realize that being immune to criticism is the key, the faster you can level up. Just remember, don't trip of it.

Be consistent in uploading your beats. One beat a day.

And also, learn how to market yourself.

You can be the dopest producer out there but it won't matter if you don't market yourself, cause obviously, nobody will know. Get it? Read, learn and get better, always get better.

So, there it is, don't be critical of yourself and keep moving forward no matter what. Be willing to be wack for a little while, before you kind of catch on and start being able to do your thing. Just make sure that you are immune to any kind of criticism.

Upload that beat today. Go ahead, do it. Don't let criticism paralyze you.

Put it out there, everyday, one beat a day. All right?

Now it's your turn. Leave in the comments, how you are going to inspire and motivate yourself to post one beat a day!