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Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine always beef

You might think success is fun…

People often have an extremely distored and false vision of success…

They think its a destination they get dropped off at…

The end….

Lol ?

Hell nah…

The rent on success is due every day

Read that again….

People might think dre didnt have no more issues after beats got bought by apple…

Not hardly….

To whom much is given…much is tested…
Said Kanye in “Cant Tell Me Nothin”

What if i told u the most successful people are usually the most miserable….

I didnt say unhappy….

But cras… why are u helping me become a successful producer if its just going to lead to misery?

Well for 1, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it and thats
why u gotta work like hell

2 – i always keep it real even if its too my detriment……

Part of who i am leads me is always in search of truth…

Most of the reason why i didnt go into marketing for so long was cuz i thought it was all smoke and mirrors….

Till i realized the hiphop game was smoke and mirrors….

The gov’t is smoke and mirrors..

Tv is smoke and mirrors

Most things are….

Its about what u put in and get out….

I’ve chosen to give producers like me, a way to beat the competition….

If u rollin wit me at least.

I’m in it for the long haul…not the short term….

Its a marathon not a sprint….

Its chess not checkers….

Arm urself with wisdom and knowledge….

Follow a system…

Hang wit people that are going places….

A lot of what i realized is that as producers, we’re fed a dream, a storytale and we’re given visuals of it daily…

Those who are on arent even really that on….
So imma give u game that no one can give u.

I can give u the real from both sides….

Its dope and its f*cked up…

And that’s whats real…..

U get what u give!

So make ur beats…
Sell em to your clients….
Protect ur family…
Live healthy…
And love knowledge…..

Allen Hughes who directed the new documentary on Netflix about dre and iovine said him and dre always bump heads

And when asked about the meaning of the film, this is what he said….

“Focus, don’t let anybody knock you off your dreams, stay inspired, and know that it’s going to be very difficult to do something great – whether it’s a record, writing a book, doing a movie. It’s not going to all be ecstasy, it’s going to be agony as well.” – Allen Hughes

Thats what inspired me to write this to u because though i havent had their success……

Even on this level, the same is true…..

Lets get it


Ps – and in case ur wonderin i aint gonna get religious but i do Believe in God