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Hints On How To Sell Your Beats Effectively And Efficiently

​Struggling to find rappers that will take your beats serious?

You have great deals with rappers but don't actually buy your beats?

I don't want that for you.

Let me share this with you..

The great way to figure out whether or not a rapper serious about buying your beats.

Every free beat you give away.
Every time you give a beat away for free.

You actually harming, you actually hurting a rapper.
If you really truly care about a rapper, you will charge him for every beat.


Because every time you give rappers free beats they don't feel any obligation to complete them.

Let rappers pay for the beat

Every time you set up a business agreement and conduct business with a rapper or an artist and they pay for that beat; 

  • they just might actually record a song to it
  • put more their time and energy into it
  • and take it seriously and actually make it become what it could be.

So, you're not only hurting yourself but you're hurting the other person when you continuously give a rapper free beats.

Now, I'm not saying you can't do that in the very beginning just to start your relationship of but you'll be giving first.

But if there's anything else beyond that then it's very harmful to them, for their career.

And you don't want to hurt their career, do you?

So, here are the two magic questions to ask, when first get with the new artist to understand whether or not, they are paying artist or not.

Question #1: How many beats did you buy last month, specifically?

Question #2 : How many beats did you buy in the past 6 months? Exactly how many beats did you buy in the past 6 months?

The way they answer this will tell you everything you need to know about how much time you should be spending with them.

And it also put everything out and open that you are serious about your business without you being too aggressive or too thirsty.

Go out and try it!

One thought on “Hints On How To Sell Your Beats Effectively And Efficiently

  1. I have FL mobile and make a beat every now and then but im not the greatest at it. Im really a broke lyricist. Father of 3 and work everyday but i probably have a whole album of lyrics written, most memorized. Im in need of professional beats, just dont know when Ill be able to afford to buy any. (Example)

    Ive been too many different titles placed by people noone knows me,
    So be thankful for this heart i got from God you dodged a nose bleed,
    I got a friend list miles long but see my call logs less than inches,
    Might as well be measured metric foreign scale for small dimensions,
    Ya i learned that im a floater in their lives in place when need be,
    When i lost it all cant help em their all gone cuz they dont see me,
    They just them dollar signs that cadillac and know my weakness is,
    I got it you can have it take advantage here you need this,
    I mean despite the fact i wrote this you can have it and claim its yours,
    Im always down to write another feelings deep in hidden drawers,
    Diggin through socks and jockys undys junk thats worthless for some rhymes,
    Ive been beat down ive been talked up messed with death too many times,
    Now theres a few that i be hangin with on deep notes like the low Es,
    Straight been picked by eric clapton shot the sherriff and made it known see,
    Keep my enemies right next to me so they can catch a side view,
    While my eyes look straight ahead their hate is free and fuels what i do,
    Their all scared to take a hit or even throw one pull a pistol out,
    Think the crowd will run and theyve now won their reps went up a little now,
    The anger in mes swellin up im hulk without the green skin,
    The balls done dropped the new years in i learned that i dont need friends,

    Half of my current project!

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