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How do I go about finding and approaching rappers on Instagram?

"How do I go about finding and approaching rappers on Instagram?”

Great question! 

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure YOUR IG profile is dope.

Make sure it's clearly simple to see your face and to see who you are.


Well let me ask you. 

If someone tries to add you, and they only have a logo, or some type of hard to see image... what's the first thing you think?

Weird right? 

So, is that the impression you want to give off?


You want to be transparent…

You want it to be EASY for people to see WHO you are and HOW you can help them…

Typically the profile image you choose should be a good, clear shot of you, and your BIO needs to explain who you are… 

BUT it's best to do that in a way that ALSO explains the "BENEFIT" you'll be to an artist…

this way, if you friend an artist, or like some of the artist's posts, and they turn around find out who you are.... it will be immediately obvious to them in a matter of seconds…

and honestly, that's all you have on Instagram before someone decides whether or not they're going to take an interest in you... it's a game of "SECONDS"…

so make sure you have your BEST stuff on your IG,  because you may never get another chance to make a first impression…

so after you have that out of the way:

1. Profile PIcture and 

2. BIO

You want to make sure you have snippets of your DOPEST beats as the first few posts... somewhere, again... EASILY accessible…

people aren't going to grab their flashlight and SEARCH high and low for your music…

you want to have it very clear and obvious…

you don't want to make the artist WORK to find your beats….

the next thing you want to do when you reach out to an artist is you want to AVOID being THIRSTY!!!!

Let's play a little game…

which statement is SUPER THIRSTY!

1.  Hey wassup!

2.  Hey i like your sound!

3.  Yo i got fire, check my beats out!  I got 2 for 1 specials hittin' all day!!!!

Which one is it?

You got it.. It's #3.

This is where MOST producers make a mistake…

they start out the relationship HELLA THIRSTY!!!

What if a girl came up to you and was like:


I mean, unless she was a DIME, you'd probably curve her, and you'd still probably be weirded out, or just ignore her altogether ( or maybe you wouldn't lol ) 

but you know what i mean!

You want to approach people with self-worth…


so from there, you can keep building on the relationship and I go in that in depth in the Producer Accelerator program... it's an awesome membership for Producers that are serious about getting to the next level.  I show you what I do day in and day out, and what's working for me right now.

It's an awesome membership that gives you access to all of my dopest Training courses and tutorials, and I'm adding to it all the time with producer tools and insider info…

if you're not already a member, you might wanna check it out….

here:  https://crasbangers.com/exclusive-producer-accelerator/

But I hope this has helped you and it's best if you get those basics down first before going any further... as always, that's only one way to go about it and there are many ways, but if you are wondering about a way that works... this is it. 

Let me know how it works for you!



PS - The way you FIND artists is with Hashtags.

You can use various hashtags like: 

#inthebooth #datpiff

and other tags you often see rappers tag… 

do some research and you'll discover exactly what will work for you.  

They're often on other producer pages and other artist pages as well in the comments…

You may want to focus on those you observe that are VERY active... it's more likely they'll reply to you.

You may even tell them to send you more music, in their comment section and they'll be motivated to reach out to you even more, because artists are looking to build relationships with supporters and there is no reason why you can't be one.

Hope that helps!

One thought on “How do I go about finding and approaching rappers on Instagram?

  1. I’m not a thirsty dude. I’m a guy with a story to explain about myself.Life has many obstacles, of which I have been on both sides.
    The upward and downward.

    Anyone who knows me.Knows that I am the type of person that
    doesn’t give up.I will admit I understand that people want new amatuer people too do these things in buisiness correctly.May not show me respect I should be given.I am someone who will accomplish being an independent artist. With my own label.I really respect you’re mentoring and knowledge.

    I know you see my potential.Also I will great.I choose too start from scratch.Letting low levels of my creativity be seen.Therefore I am allowing myself too be seen from the beginning.My start as a creator can go no where but up.
    This is just the beginning of an excellent career.I know I piloted in 3D which no one else has done.I was the first.I won’t be the last.I am one of the best………….

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