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How to Balance Producing And Marketing: The 80/20 Rule

There’s a famous rule called the 80/20 rule and its as universal as the sun ☀ rising and falling. 

Well maybe not “that” universal, but it’s pretty darn close.

The rule states that the top 20% of your actions will lead to lead to 80% of your results.

Conversely, the rest of the 80% of your actions will lead to 20% of your results.

This means a few things.

One, it means that the majority of what you do on a daily basis probably doesn’t get you what you want in life.

Well how is that so? U might ask...

Here’s how....

If you spend ur life walking around, watching tv, playing video games, constantly choosing entertainment over education..

Then we know a few things will happen.

1. You won’t get any of the “results” you want from doing those things.

2. You’ll need to figure out a way to squeeze in the “important” things...the things that “really matter” in and around what you do the majority of the time.

It’s like may stay up all night delaying studying for a test or writing a paper.

But what happens?

At the last minute you start focusing and actually “doing it”.

That “last minute” is the 20% in the 80/20 rule.

20% of your effort will account for 80% of your results.

That studying at the last minute account for your test score “result”.

Or the resulting grade for writing that paper.

So what in the heck does all of this have to do with producing???

Well a lot.

As u know, a big part of your success is ur ability to market yourself. Its not just how dope your beats are. At all.


You need to spend time marketing yourself. Putting yourself out there. Spreading your beats around.

Building systems for people to request your music and automatic delivery setup.

Streaming. Signing up for soundclound.

Signing up for TuneCore.
Getting your music on Itunes and Spotify.

Building your email list of artists.
Starting a blog.

Creating a youtube channel.

Creating videos. Editing videos.

This is a lot right?

And this has nothing to do with you actually making beats.

Yes bro. U gotta be ready to put in that work if u really want it.

Thats what i love about the game.

It rewards those who not only work hard but also work smart.

Marketing is smart.
Its for smart people.
You’re smart.

Thats why you’re reading this. You’re doing whats necessary to change the game for yourself.

So to answer the question, the way you balance marketing and producing if you are just starting out is to “do it everyday”.

Do a little bit of marketing everyday.

Do it at least 20% of the time.

If you spend 8 hours making a beat, spend 2 hours setting up your marketing.

The dope thing about marketing is that it kinda never grows old or goes away.

You can post a blog one time and have it up forever.

Rappers can come to that blog that may be about how to rap better.

Or how to easily come up with hooks.

Or how to market “themselves” once u study the game a bit.

The secret to life is helping other people.

Once you become a master at helping others, you never go broke.

That can take many forms.

That can be helping others get successful with your music.

That can be helping others with advice so they always come to you.

That can be helping others build a website or do their social media.

That can be helping others live a better life or teaching people how to hustle.

Or that can be helping others by giving them fire beats that will literally give them a buzz and change their life.

That can be giving others a chance to get your beats for less than what they normally cost.

The art of helping others is wide.

If you are stuck in a place right now.
start helping others. If you are in your emotions and feel the world is against you, start helping others.

Look and see what other people need.
Not you. Other people.

It’ll give you a boost of confidence and new understanding that you’re going to be successful as long as you help others.

Your unique talent of helping others “might” be entertaining them with your music or making them laugh.

If thats the case “post it”. If it gets likes and comments...dope....keep doing it.

If it doesnt get any likes or comments and it just gets crickets.

Then accept it.
Step ur game up.

Get better. Dont just say “oh they hatin”.... get better.


You’ll notice when you start getting good, people will comment and you’ll notice whats working and what isnt.

All in all get started.

Winners take imperfect action.

Stop worrying about what other people think.

Get going.


Leave your questions, comments, feedback, tips below in the comments. 

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