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How To Brand Yourself as a Producer ( To gain more followers and buyers )

I Give up!!!
That’s exactly how I felt!
Tired! Frustrated! Feeling undervalued!
I Wanted to quit!
I didn’t want to keep doing the same things I was doing and getting no where!
Sure, everyone told me that I needed to “market” myself, but that seemed like such a general, vague, and undefined mission to start.
Sure I tried making a logo and setting up a website, but nothing worked.
Not until I made a few easy tweaks.
If you’re looking to get REALLY good at branding yourself to get more followers and buyers, then this is for you.
I’m going to lay it out in a step by step, easy to follow process, so you can get started as you’re reading this.
5 Steps To Branding Yourself To Gain More Followers and Buyers
Step 1: Start with What you have!
  • You may not have a beat website, but you have Instagram.
  • Use Instagram if that’s all you have and setup your profile to look really nice
  • Put time and effort into your IG profile
  • Make sure the images you use are nice and crisp
  • Put a lot of pictures of yourself on your profile
  • Producers do this thing where they don’t think they need to market their own face and just their name or logo
  • The fastest way for someone to forget who you are is to never show them your fcae
Step 2: Turn on the Camera
  • We are on the video era
  • It’s time you put the camera on yourself and show people who you are
  • People don’t want to hear your music, they want to know who you are
  • One of my clients posted videos of himself and really mastered being a people person for a full year before he even posted a beat on his social media
  • And guess what? He made so many relationships being himself, that he already had an audience ready to hear his beats
  • You can imagine that since they already liked him, he didn’t have to have the best beats in the world for them to be happy with what he was providing
  • Try it, it works!  Put your face out there!
  • People connect with people.
  • People don’t connect with logos or pictures of your studio.
Step 3: Be YOURSELF!
  • This is where a lot of producers screw up their branding.
  • You want to make sure that when you turn the camera on yourself, you ARE yourself… don’t try and be anyone else
  • Don’t try and act like metro boomin’… there’s already one of those…
  • Don’t try and be a Mike Will Made it or Zaytoven…those personalities are already taken….
  • Be yourself…that’s what other people will relate to
  • People will be more attracted to you, if you are confident enough to be yourself
  • Because on the flip side, people can see right through you if you are faking…and your marketing won’t resonate as well with your audience if you aren’t being true
Step 4: Make it Consistent!
  • Don’t just do one video and think you’re done
  • It takes days, weeks, months of CONSISTENT video posting everyday…
  • Content of yourself…interviews of yourself…talking about relevant topics, and issues, your beats, your approach…
  • Maybe even do some tutorials… but whatever you do…keep it consistent…
  • If you need more topic ideas, come to me and I’ll help you
  • So many producers will do this for a week or two and then quit.
  • You want to have a lot of artists coming to you all year around, right?
  • Well if you do, you have to make sure that you invest the time and energy into being consistent because nothing else will work
  • It won’t happen right away and that’s the secret… that’s what actually makes it easier for you to stand out, because most people quit….
  • When you keep going consistently, that’s going to be what will start separating you from the pack and you’ll build a REAL fanbase of rappers that want your beats
Step 5:  Make it Entertaining
  • There’s nothing worse than BORING content…boring videos…boring anything….
  • Come with it fresh and new…be funny…be yourself…don’t be serious and stuffy… sure if that’s who you are, then refer to step 1 and “Start with what you have”
  • Overall you do not want to be boring….
  • That’s #1 mistake in marketing, and that’s being boring….
Here are some Bonus Steps!
If you do the 5 Steps above, then you are GOOD!
Here is some extra steps as a bonus to give you even more value!
Step 6: Detail Who Your Beats Are For and Who They Aren’t For
  • In order to stop getting requests from people that want free music, you can put it in your marketing that you don’t give rappers your hard earned beats for free
  • You can put it out there
  • Just like that
  • And guess what’s going to happen?
  • It’s going to make your beats even more valuable because you will be putting it out there that your beats are more valuable then being FREE!
  • If you put it in your marketing and your branding, you won’t even have to say it yourself, which makes it even easier!
Step 7: Include the Story of Why You Make Beats and What They Mean To You
  • A lot of people want to know the story behind things
  • Rappers are no different.
  • If you really want them to be attracted to you and want your music then give the story of how you got into beats
  • Talk about why beats are important to you
  • Put it in a blog, make a video, you can even start a podcast
  • All of these avenues are great ways for you to begin building your empire
  • You do it once, and then you have it forever
  • It’s an asset for you that will always help your branding and marketing.
Step 8: Always Ask Your Audience To Engage With You And Share Their Thoughts With You
  •  Last but not least, when you are doing your marketing and your videos and even writing your profiles in Instagram, make sure you tell people to engage with you
  • Tell rappers to message you with their feedback or you might ask them which beats did they like best
  • You might even have them sign up to your email list so you can keep them in the loop when you have new things for them to hear… new beats… new ideas… new videos….
  • Keep it entertaining and you won’t run out of ideas
  • Once you get started and do it often, it will start to become second nature
  • It won’t be so hard
  • You’ll get used to it
  • And then soon you’ll see more plays, views, downloads, engagement, purchases, sales, exposure, etc….
  • It’s not just doing ONE thing, it’s doing all of those things…
  • It’s building a business for you, no doubt about it
Put some of these things in motion today.
Start now!
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