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How to cure beatblock

A quick and easy formula to slay beat block!!

  1. Open up your favorite VST
  2. Open the piano roll.
  3. Turn the metronome on
  4. Start dragging out random notes on the piano roll.
  5. Create a melody that sounds at least halfway decent.
  6. Open up GrossBeat or some type of Effect VST
  7. Effect the melody you made to make it glitch.
  8. Clone the vst channel you made
  9. change the sound of the cloned track
  10. delete some of the notes of the cloned track to give it variance
  11. take the cloned track up or down an octave to separate the frequencies
  12. spice up the cloned track in little ways
  13. an added note or removed here and there
  14. keep cycling through sounds on the cloned track until you find a voicing you really like
  15. Get a melody going that has it's own rhythm without any drums at all
  16. place certain strong notes or hits only on the down beats
  17. counter that with other melodies that are more active
  18. keep building the groove until you are satisfied with how the melody sounds - with NO drums added
  19. then when you are done with the melody section, start adding percussions
  20. do not add kicks or snares yet
  21. add those absolutely last
  22. add percussion sounds and effect type sounds on top of your melody
  23. keep adding until you have a super dope sounding beat

Hope this helps you.

Just keep on makin those beats. dont give up

you CAN get out of that funk! YOU CAN DO IT!!

comment down below your thoughts, feedbacks, and ideas!!

i'd love to hear from you.