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How To Get Your Lucrative Social Media Side Hustle Poppin’

[Step by Step Blueprint]

How To Start Doing Social Media for Other Businesses ( and make bank )

Step 1: Create a new Social Media Business Account: ( For ex. Great Social Stars )

Step 2: Start following small businesses that don't have good social media Instagram accounts 

Step 3: Post helpful content and great content for your own new social media business. 

Step 4: Reach out to 20 of the companies that you follow everyday. 

Step 5: Build a relationship with them. Help them in advance before they give you money. 

Step 6: Let them know you can help manage their IG and help bring them more business. 

Step 7: Charge from $250 - $500 for your first 5 businesses. 

Step 8. Keep great relationships, make your clients happy and grow your social biz from home. ( While you do beats )