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How to make Beats FULL Time without wasting years of your life dealing with Rappers that WILL NOT invest in themselves!

I couldnt take it no more!

Weeks of dealing with the same group of artists only to have $0 dollars added to my bank account!


I thought to myself – Why???

They love the beats!
I spend a LOT of time making sure the product us hot.
I’m building relationships.
I’m making sure they know its NOT all about “the money”.

Because for me it’s NOT all about the money.

Yes, we DO need to eat though.
We got bills.
We got regular life type stuff to take care of.

Life outside of the studio!

I love being in the studio.

Its my happiest place on earth.

Its my release.
My therapy.
My creative outlet.
My way of life.

So why can’t i figure out how to make this work??

Does this Sound familiar???

This was my life before i figured out the blueprint.

Before i figured out how to turn the tables in my favor.

Before i understood the game.

For years i tried to ignore the writing on the wall.
I didnt want to face the truth.
Ignoring the problem only made things worse!

I stopped making beats.
I came back.
I stopped again.
I came right back.

Each time frustrated i had stopped and not kept going. Still…i had NO PLAN.

That’s until i got a mentor.

Someone who had figured it all out.

Someone who was willing to offer me a chance to get the same knowledge he had.

The same insight.

The same secrets.

The same formula.

I knew i had gold in my hands.

Finally i was able to see a future in producing and making beats.

The best part about it was it did NOT require me to be popular and social media famous.

It didnt require me to have thousands of artists that were already aware of me.

I found a step by step formula to follow.

I followed it.

I got results.

It was THAT simple.

I realized what held me back was i didn’t know how to market myself.

On top of that, everything i was now doing to attract artists to my beats was exactly everything i thought i WAS NOT supposed to do.

Without a mentor, i would have been screwed in the game.

More years of good intentions and long hours wasted, and down the drain.

Sure music is its own reward. But you can’t cash a check based on “how good you feel”.

That’s actually what messes up our minds as producers.

When we make a dope beat we go into this trance of how life is going to be once that beat blows up.

We literally “feel” euphoric as if it’s already happening to us. The money, the cars, the respect…

We literally FEEL that in the moment…

That’s not a bad thing entirely…. but guess what…

Our brain is very gullible….

It thinks we have achieved that because we think and feel it.

And guess what.

It sends an instruction to the subconcious mind that says “no need to hustle and market yourself… you’ve already made it!”

How does it know?

Because your mind already envisioned it and felt it in that moment. So it MUST be real! That’s what your mind says…

So how do we break the cycle?

How do we stay focused?

How do we not get caught up in the act of making beats and sabatoge our own hustle?

I’ll tell you how:

Step 1: you get a mentor that is where you want to be and you ask them questions and follow whatever they say

Step 2: you understand that your lack of MARKETING is the #1 reason why you are not making the money you are supposed to be making as a producer

You are spending far too much time just making beat after beat and not figuring out the buttons to push to make your marketing as hot as your beats.

I know that marketing can be hard and you might be lost. I understand. That’s why step 1 is to find a mentor.

Someone who is in a place higher than you.

Let that mentor pull you up.

And then keep reaching higher.

Finding a mentor will change your life.
Get one today.


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