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How To Start Your Career As A Producer

If you want to be a producer,

the first thing to do is go to Youtube: CrasBangers

and go to the Tutorials Playlist here: click here

Be sure to watch all of the tutorial videos I have and subscribe to the channel so you get each new tutorial video I release.

Then you're going to want to register with our site here, so you can get all of the helpful emails that I send.

You may also want to join our limited Membership

that will show you how to

  • make beats 
  • mix your beats so they have that industry quality sound
  • market and sell your beats so you don't have to work a 9 to 5 and you can focus on music all day.

The first thing to do is focus on making a good melody.
Once you have a good melody, build the drums around that nice melody.

The best way to practice is repetition.
Do beats over and over again.

Download a demo of a program like FL Studio, so you can get used to making beats.

Don't worry if you can't save them all the way, just keep making beats continuously and you will get better.