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just sign me!!!

The Big Problem!

Knowing key producer marketing secrets is one of the most valuable ways you can grow your producer business and get your music out there if you are stuck and not sure how to make it on your own as a music producer.

Most music producers think they have a problem because they are not signed, when in reality, there problem is that they don’t know how to market themselves.

There is a common misconception that is running wild about “Getting Signed”.

Most producers think they want to “Get Signed” and have placed all of their hopes and dreams on this happening…even to the extent of thinking once they “do” get signed, that all of their problems in life will go away.

Is that how ez u think this game is?

Look, I don’t want to rain on your parade….

But I feel I owe it to you to keep it 100 at all times…

So if u think it’s as easy as “being good”…

Or having some chance encounter with someone who can “change your life”…

then I want to prepare you for REALITY….

because thinking someone is going to “JUST SIGN YOU!”…

Will definitely block your growth….


What’s the ugly truth?

Truth is…the people who have the power to sign you are operating on a completely new set of rules now….

It’s more different then ever before….

because the old way of getting discovered is well……old…

u gotta realize right away, that’s just not how it’s done anymore….

take Big Sean for example….

he’s likely going to be one of the last artists that get signed on a “chance” encounter with a hip hop icon…

These days, there is a new way to get discovered and the good news is that you have full control over THIS method….

It actually involves something you have almost immediate access to….

Check it out…..if u need a hint, it’s the same tool, you’re most likely reading this from…..


How can my phone get me signed? You might be asking….

There’s an app on your phone…u may have to download it…

It’s called YOUTUBE….

Even Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube…



If you don’t, it’s time you start learning right away so you can start to level up your marketing…

Some producers look at “marketing” as  a chore they “must” do….

almost like working out….

but worse!

If the thought of “putting yourself out there” makes you cringe, then you’re not alone…

unfortunately, there aren’t many ways around it if you want to guarantee your success as a producer….

sure, you can go ahead and let “fate” take over if you want it to, but i would suggest that YOU take over and add your own efforts in to speed up your growth and exposure, by taking matters into your own hands….

Could you spend time making videos of yourself in an appealing way?

Do u think u can get good at generating a buzz online with your beats?

I’ll tell u what….at first you’ll be super wack….you have to allow yourself to be bad at it first….

even real bad

It’s the best and easiest first step to truly test what you got….

It’s the ultimate feedback system…

The good news is that the more you make videos…

The more you put yourself out there…

The better you’ll get….

The more you’ll understand what content works for you and what doesn’t work….

The videos you get with more views will be your clues as to what the universe wants to see from you…..



If u need more ideas….then ask….

Ask your audience what they want to see from you…

Give the people what they want….

Master youtube…and get a hidden bonus….

You’ll start to understand that you don’t really need to be signed after all…

It’s YOU who holds the power to your future….

It’s YOU who decides whether or not you’re going to go all the way with this music stuff, or take a different course that comes natural to you….

If you’re waiting for someone to sign you, you might be waiting a while…



It’s best for you to have a bullet proof plan…

A strategy…

A system to reach success….

Come rain or shine…

If you’re lost and need a mentor….

I can help you…

People I’ve helped have gone on to work with the biggest names in the music industry…

Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, LMFAO, Warren G, Bone Thugs in Harmony, Chief Keef, Freddie Gibbs and that’s just the beginning….




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