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Livin Broke – This could be bigger than beats

For the longest time i’ve heard producers in my audience say they are too broke.

( we surveyed using hotjar and the #1 reason why producers said they didn’t buy a course or product they “knew” would help them was because they were too broke )

Perhaps i need to make a course called:

Broke to Ballin

- My 12 Money Making Principles To Crush Broke’ness

Would you be interested in that if i did it?

Let me know and if there’s enough interest, i’ll create it.

Back to the discussion at hand...

Broke is temporary like Robert Kiyosaki talks about.

“Poor” is a mindstate.

Sometimes people are broke many times in their life.

Being Broke is a fear. Its a message to “take action”.

If you are broke right now and you aren’t pacing the floor, racking your brain, searching for answers, then something’s wrong.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to live the life of someone who wants nothing and is happy with $0 in their bank account.

Unfortunately you may have to move overseas for that to even be impossible.

In America, there is all types of bad side effects of being broke.

Usually it means being forced into doing something you REALLY don’t want to do.

Like wait for the government to help.

Or stay in a very bad location.

Or get a lower quality education.

I’m about empowerment.

Letting your light shine.

I came from East Oakland.

My mom and dad were hard working and instilled strong values in me, largely centered around education.

From education you can crush being broke.


Think about video games you used to play.

When you were stuck, what would you do?

You’d look up the codes, the answers, the cheat sheets.

Now its just called Google.

The principle is the same.

You went looking for answers.

Education is the answer.

Knowledge is the answer.

Questions are the answer.

Ask a lot of questions.

You’ll get a lot of answers.

Broke is temporary.

Producing is a vehicle.

A way for you to provide for your family.

It’s not the only way.

I produced. I DJ’d.

I opened a tech agency.

Now i have a music agency.

Now i’m back to help.

One step at a time.

You can accept the help or not.

It makes no difference to me, but does it to you?

Absolutely. If you’re in need of help.

This just might be the help you were looking for.

Arm yourself with knowledge.

Take action on that and you won’t even have the time to “think” about “being broke”.

You’ll be too busy getting out of brokeness.

With your mind. With education.

You have the ability to go make money today.

You can sell beats OR do something else.

What are you best at aside from making beats?

Leave a comment below and tell me....

12 thoughts on “Livin Broke – This could be bigger than beats

  1. Besides production, my biggest talent is photography and my overall creative eye and unique way of approaching my creative outlets.

  2. I really needed this I sit back an be like damn I need more sound but the VSTs like omisphere nexus and komplete cost so much I try to thinks of ways to make more money working OT at my 9-5 an save but still come up short. So I look online for kits an packs an the sound isn’t the same. Some of my producers people I know have the VSTs an I make dope shit when I’m with them but get home an have to use base pre sets VSTs in Fl Studio I google how to get em just certain sounds in those VSTs an the fake virus downloads come up. I’ll keep grinding till I get there

  3. I am honestly confused I want to be a rapper not a person who makes beats tell me what I have to do to go the rapping way.

  4. Besides beats:

    I code websites and apps. I design graphics. I’m learning how to sell real estate. I cant be broke. Thanks for the daily motivation. I’m NorCal born too fam

    1. that’s dope. you can make beat videos with your animation, and then you can show other producers how to do the same thing…
      you may also even want to put yourself out there and approach producers who want your animation services, so you can help them out.
      you can make money from both your animation services, and also through teaching people how to do what you know how to do.
      ( in addition to selling beats )

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