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MIchael Jordan is the GOAT right?

Everyone wants to pattern their swag and the way they PLAY after Michael .....
But who wants his work ethic?

When have you ever heard someone say "Yo, I got the new MJ Work ETHICS!"

All they care about is the shoes!!! They want the FLOSS but they don't want the GRIND. 

Well, how you think Michael got to a BILLION?

Because he lucked out?

HELL NAH!!!!!!

He got to a billion because he outworked EVERYONE in the league.


For years!

So what's that got to do with a producer?


For some reason, there is this mindset for hip hop and rap music that it's a laid back....

Swaggy...easy thing....

Well i'll tell you what....

Guess who's probably in the studio RIGHT NOW as we speak???

Southside.... Chop.... EVEN DRE!!!! ( STILL!!!!! )

All the best, stay doing what they do best!!!

I talk to producers and they always tell me that they want their music to impact the world.

And then i ask them when's the last time they uploaded their music "to the world" on the internet...and they tell me "3 months ago"....

Well how does that work out?

You can't only "plan" to be the best... you must take action and have the work ethic to back it up...

Name a top artist and i'll tell you that they outwork everyone else!!!!

Sure they don't let YOU see that... you only see the TIP of the iceberg...

But little do you know, the MAJORITY of the iceberg is underneath the water...

you don't see how long they grind in the studio EVERY - DAY

a lotta people don't show you that side.... WHY?

Because they're too busy DOING - not SHOWING

so i encourage you to up your hustle if nothing else...

If you get nothing else from anything i've done, then simply DOUBLE YOUR HUSTLE and you will get results....

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In the meantime, I'll see you in the studio!!!



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