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Do You Need A Manager Right Now?

The Big Question!

A producer recently asked me if he should focus on getting a manager or getting himself out there with his marketing….

i thought what i told him could help you in your journey so i wanted to write this to you…

I call this the “manager myth”….and i want you avoid having this type of thinking….

Your name will get out there when you learn how to market yourself.

Managers usually come in to “manage” opportunities….

If there are no opportunities and nothing to “manage”…. one of two things will happen….

#1 – Your new manager will quickly realize you expect “them” to single handedly build their career and will want most likely want you to sign to them….

The result is you won’t be keeping what you make…instead you will have to split it….

#2 – Your “manager” will quickly realize you don’t have much of a buzz or anything and will make you really low on his list of priorities.

this means they won’t work hard for you and you won’t be getting that much of a benefit, at all…

In either situation, it still…and will always come back to you.

Key Questions To Help You Cut Through The BS….

1. How much time are u dedicating to your own marketing each day?

2. Do you realize if you don’t market yourself, you’ll never go anywhere?

3. Are you ok with not having a set system in place, moving you closer to your dreams?

Depending how you answer these questions will let you know if the path you are on is the winning path, or if you’re fooling yourself.

The Marathon vs The Sprint

Success in life is a marathon…

I was in your position…and i didnt know how to make money off my beats….

I didnt even like to sell my beats at first….

I was uncomfortable talking about money…..

I quickly realized….

i wouldn’t get anywhere if i didn’t invest in my own transformation…

That’s why i spent the next years grinding it out…
Testing a million different things….

And ultimately i figured out a step by step formula to:

* market my beats so you can be heard and have artists dying to use your beats…
* make money doing it so you can provide for your family and stop working a 9 to 5
* enjoy the entire process so you can have life long happiness and build a legacy

Thats what i want for you to have….

I know you may be wondering….

How will i accomplish all this because i dont know where to start?

I know how you feel….
I’ve felt that way before…

What i’ve found is the more time and money i invest in my marketing, the more opportunities and dough flow in…..


It’s scary, yet it’s worth it and the sooner u start…
The better off you are.

I have plenty of free material for you to get started with if you’re serious…

Hope that resonates with you….


PS – if you want to take your producer marketing to the next level, i have a course on exactly how to do that