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Is it Ok For A Producer to send different artists the same beat?

The Big Question You Have Ran Away From…

You want to run your producer business with the highest level of integrity.

This concept has kept you up at night.

You’ve wondered how you resolve it in your mind and in your life.

Yes, it’s absolutely necessary for you to send the same beat to different artists!

you don’t have an unlimited supply of beats…

Look at the picture below….

Is this how you think an artist is going to view you if you send him a beat another already has, or
is reviewing?
Well I know how you feel…. the good news is that I’ve felt the same way….

What we are providing, can’t be quickly replicated….

these aren’t blank sheets of binder paper you can pass
out one to everyone….
these are quality paintings, made on a single canvas….individually and hand made….
they aren’t in a contract with you, and they aren’t giving you any money… YET
so you aren’t obligated to make sure your free gifts to them are 100% custom and unique….
And the key is to tell them you’re doing that…until they become a client….
(question) are you sending unsolicited, or are they asking you to send them beats?
Either way…here’s a sample of what you could say…..
( Fit and Adjust This To How YOU Would Say This Same Thing!  )
i know i be super soundin like i’m a geek from harvard…lol
but shit…that’s gonna make you the geek from harvard bread….
30k a month…can u imagine that? 
bro it’s in your realm…u gotta just believe and refuse to give up..relentless…
persistent… every day at the gym shootin 1000 shots – each day – relentless
Subject: 2 Exclusive Beats (*sale pending )
Whattup ( insert artist name ),
I’m going to send you 2 beats in good faith….
before taking on new artists as clients, i get a feel for if this is going to work out…
these two might be claimed already, i have to find out… but i did want to let you
hear what i have going on….
so you know how you’ll sound over them….
i do have hella aritsts that wanna work with me, so i have to be selective…
if these beats aren’t a good fit for you, i get it….all beats aren’t for everyone, and
the best to you, and good luck…
if things do work out and you do become a client, then you’ll have a producer than can:
– give you dope beats on demand
– help you finish more projects so you can get signed
– give you a new sound so you can be noticed and separate yourself as an artist
let’s get it!

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