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[Podcast] 1st Thing You Must Fix Before You Succeed As A Producer

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What’s going down? It’s Cras


This is your podcast on Producer Marketing Secrets.


Today, I wanted to talk to you about something really really important... It’s actually the foundation for everything we do as producers and it dictates our success.


It’s our mindset.


You know, nothing dictates our success more than our mindset.


For years and years I quietly and silently,didn’t believe all the way, you know...

didn’t really believe all the way that I could work with major artists.


That I could sell beats.

That I could sell beats on my own without a record deal.

That I could make money consistently every day doing what I love for a long time.


I wasn’t in the right mindset.


So today, I want to make it mandatory for you to understand that you need to work on that.

It’s something that I did work on too.


I’m from East Oakland, I grew up... you know... the way people in Oakland grow up, so to speak, ‘seeing a few things’... I wasn’t necessarily in a bad neighbourhood... thank God.

A lot of my buddies were,

and the difference is very clear in some situations.

Education was actually huge in my house and I’m very grateful for that, you know, for mom... and, bottomline is that mindset is everything...


So coming out of an area like that, you might not think the sky's the limit…

You might not think you can do anything…

You might not think you can be successful doing something that is not conventional,

like a doctor... lawyer... architect... Something like that…

Something you actually enjoy and have fun with.


So I just want you to know that the mind is everything.


Whether you think you can do it or not… You’re right

The sooner you stop doubting yourself… and the sooner you keep an open mind,

the sooner you start training your mind to accept what’s possible and actually believe in yourself with full and complete confidence… The sooner you’ll get to where you’re going.


Just trust me on that.


There’s no reason for you to doubt yourself, the world does that enough.

You don’t need another person doubting you, looking in the mirror.


So just promise me you are gonna work on your mindset, because that’s gonna have the biggest impact on the extent to which you succeed with your  producing,

with your producer business,

with your ability to sell beats,

with your ability to monetize in all the ways that are monetizable these days.


You know,

YouTube streaming... Put yourself in YouTube.


Streaming with Spotify, Itunes... you know... streaming with Pandora.

There’s multiple avenues now that you can make money as a producer and not just beats selling.


I’m gonna  go into them in more detail later on and go into more ‘how to’s and step by step processes and all that... but for now, I want you to know the importance of mindset.


It is that important.


Whether you think you can or can’t... you are right.


So, work on that.


Tell yourself you can do it.

Tell yourself you believe in yourself.

All that stuff you might consider crazy, but yo, It’s necessary in a lot of times… you know, as producers, we go through a lot.


We go through a lot of doubt.

We go through a lot of people maybe... overlooking us... People doubting us... People like “yeah, right, whatever, you ain’t ever gonna make it’, … “this and that”...


You have to make it through a lot of that.


So in order to be able to make it through a lot of that, your mind’s gotta be right.

So, get your mind right.


It’s for the good of you and your results will be a lot better once you get your mind right and have complete confidence in yourself and what you do.


You know, crush that little thought in the back of your mind that tells you that you can’t do it.

You know, crush that forever.

And as soon as it crops up... just address it.


Are you right? Are you accurate in what you say? ...

No! The answer is no!


Why not?

What if?

Why can’t you be the best next thing?

Why can’t you be a top producer?

Why can’t you make $1K, $2K a day selling beats?

Why can’t you make $5K?

You know?...  What if? And why can’t you?


So, Imma end it off right there and hope all is well.

We’ll see you soon, make sure you subscribe.


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beginners, experts, advance... no matter what it is... I got you with these marketing solutions.


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