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[Podcast] 2 Ingredients Most Producers Are Missing!

Give the Podcast a listen at 2 Ingredients Most Producers Are Missing!



What’s up y’all? It’s Cras.


I’m back for you with another podcast, drop some game on you.


So... I’ve been answering emails all day today and I’ve been responding to everybody that’s written in, so thank you for all the emails and just know that we got your back if you are a producer.


So, I wanna jump right in to it...


Something I’ve been responding to a lot lately is producers who have everything working for them.


They have the beats... they have the production on deck

and something I’ve seen that they lack the most is mixing.


Mixing and Marketing.


So, that’s what I’ve decided to focus on because I feel that there’s a lot of beat tutorials out there and, though I have some, and you know, what not...


Mixing is really important to take your beats to the next level and also, of course, marketing.


So... I have a digital agency.

Digital marketing company and we help big brands get to the next level with their marketing and it all clicked for me...

because I was in the same position...


Producing... making beats... upon beats... upon beats... with nowhere to go with them.

You know, just had a hard drive full of beats…


It all changed when I figured out how to market myself as a producer, it clicked and just like that.


I had a lot of artist that were now paying attention,

they were asking for beats asking you know... for pricing... how much I charge…


and it really was just a matter of me talking to a lot of producers who’d made it…

also learning... and implementing... and applying all the things that I applied for big companies.


It’s the same thing,

Marketing is marketing is marketing...


So, a big reason why I started this podcast was ‘cause I feel that all of us producers need marketing and I feel a lot of us spend a lot of time making the beats…

and the beats sound good... The beats are hot


The only difference is that there’s no audience.

There’s no artist that are looking for your beats.


So that’s the number one thing that we need to attack.


It’s “How do we market ourselves?” That’s the big question.


The first thing is to get leads... We’ve gone over that and getting artists to want our beats is crucial.

It’s critical... It’s the main element, and that’s the first step.

That’s what we need to focus on.


How do we get leads?


Well, it comes from different things that you already do.

It’s just a matter of the communication of that thing that you have to offer.


The communication of what your beats sound like, what your beats will do for the artist and being able to communicate that makes all the difference.


So, the biggest thing for producers is to create and establish relationships.

Relationships with everything.


So... How do we do that with artists? Well, the number one way to start any relationship is to do that with giving first.


You give... you give to get.


The first thing you want to do to start off your relationship a lot of times is to provide value.

You want to give something of value to the artist.


How do we do that?


Well, we know that artists are always looking for beats of course, and there’s many ways for artists to get a beat from somebody.


Whether it’s YouTube or some other channel...

but the relationship isn’t there, and that’s where you come in and that’s the advantage you have to create that relationship.


Build that relationship and actually help the artist in a way that no other producer is doing simply because they are posting their beat videos or type B videos, or posting their beats, but there’s no relationship there.


The first thing you want to do is to set up your systems and your platforms.

Your Instagrams… Your SoundClouds to bring the artist to either your website or to a download page so they can download a couple beats... maybe on you.


You start off the relationship by giving... as we said,

and then, you take their name and email down so that you can build your email list of artists,


So... the email list is a critical component and I’ve heard, theres of course…  there’s always more than one way to skin a cat.


I’m just telling you what way worked for me and what works for me and what I do, so... I have a large list of artists that want beats and they want beats all the time.


You know, you give them two beats... but they also might understand that these beats have been given to other people and they are gonna need more.


And the two beats that you give away are basically just the way that they can sample your sound.

They can sample what you’re coming with.

They can get a close peek in to the caliber of beats that you provide and it kicks off the relationship.


So, once you’ve locked down the name and the email of these artists that want your beats, then you progressively contact them.


Not on, like... “Buy my beats now!” … but…  “Hey, here’s some value for you, here’s what I can do to help you”... and that’s the central focus of how you build the relationship.


You have to jump on the artist’s shoes.


What do they need?


What do the rappers need?


What do they need most?


Do they need help with getting shows?


Do they need help with finding a manager?


Or do they need help with just perspective?


Do they need help with having their expectations set in a way that makes them understand that nobody’s gonna come and save them?... Nobody’s gonna come save us...


Producers are really entrepreneurs if you think about it. We invest in ourselves, we produce a product and it’s all up to us.


Nobody can fire us from what we do.


That’s actually what I love the most about being a producer.


It’s that we control our destiny and the faster we understand that nobody is gonna be there, to help us... to sweep us off our feet and make our lives better, with just meeting one person...

The sooner we are able to have a realistic expectation of what we need to do day in and day out.




Marketing yourself


Providing value to artists (giving away things for free first)... and most importantly…


The follow up

(the building of the relationship, following up with value)


Those are all the things that you want to do and use at your cornerstone to market yourself and to amass a lot of rappers on your list.


A lot of rappers following you...

Knowing that you’re gonna have consistent output,

Knowing you’re gonna produce new beats each week... each month..., so they can go to you consistently and they can purchase their beats from you...


The more you understand that,

the faster you understand that.


The faster you take action.

The faster you’re gonna get the results that you want.

The faster you’re gonna get the beat sales... and the faster that you’ll be able to live on your own terms completely.


Not working for anybody.

Making your own money.

Investing more and more time into yourself.


That’s the key.


So, I have a Mixing Course and I have a Marketing Course, because I feel those are the two critical elements that separates and will separate most producers... from the losers, to the people that are ultra successful... is the people that have the mixing on point and also the marketing to follow.


So, just wanted to let you know, and, maybe with that key info, I’m going to shut it down pretty soon.


I’ll be answering a few more emails before the night ends and be looking for a good day tomorrow.


So hopefully you got some value out of this.

Let me know what your thoughts are.


Send me emails at or you can go to the website…. and it’s spelt a little bit different, for the website.


Sign up! You’re gonna get some good key information and everything is build towards helping you get to the next level.

So with that, I’m gonna sign off, and just know... it’s all up to YOU and YOU CAN DO IT!