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[Podcast] Producers: Why Having A Team is A Must!

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What’s up y’all? This is Cras!


This is another podcast, a Producer Marketing Secrets podcast,

geared to help you improve your marketing, get your name out there...

Be heard and improve your producer business.


So, what I wanted to talk to you today about was regarding one of the first things that you should do once you realize that production is gonna be… you know... your weapon of choice.


What you wanna do from here on out, and what you wanna make happen for you and your family.


One of the first things that you should do, is build a team.


So... Why do I say build a team?

Well, building a team is going to enable you to get things done faster than if it was just on your own.


You know, a lot of the allure of producing is that you can literally make millions of dollars by doing what you like doing and only with one or two people or you know, however large your team is... so... it’s really attractive to be a producer because it can be a huge upside.


The only thing wrong with that is, sometimes as producers, we want to have our hands in everything.

We want to do every aspect of it.

We want to make the beat.

Mix the beat... arrange... master... add effects... you know, be in the studio to record the artist... mix THAT song...

There’s many things that we can do, and many ways in which we can use up our time.

However, our unique ability may not be to master the final version of the song, after it’s recorded with the artist adding all the vocals.


Our unique ability may not be to mix...

Our unique ability may not be to play the piano...

Our unique ability may not be to do a number of things that are critical when it comes to producing.


So, as you build a team and when you build a team, you realize that each person in the team will have a unique ability which will contribute to the overall success of the production team.

Do I mean just recruiting people that play instruments?

No!... you could... but that’s just one facet of it.


If you are a beat maker and you want to, you know, recruit a person that plays the piano, that would be a good move, ‘cause piano leads to a lot more...


If you were looking for somebody that can do your marketing... That can be a good move. Somebody to do your social media…Somebody to handle that component of it.

Somebody to take pictures for you.

Somebody to do video...


Those are positions that don’t have anything to do with the actual making of the music, but they’re vital to getting your name out and doing it fast.


Of course you can still do all of this things... and I’ve gone through many periods where I do do those things because I’m the only one around, you know that I can depend on...


But, I do have a team and people that make videos… that make music videos... you know,

for the type B videos.

People that make graphics... for graphic design.

People that do the social media.

People to… there's any number of people...

To post your beats in the beat store…


This will allow you to get things done faster, get more done faster and working with a team a lot of ways.

You will produce more ideas, better ideas... ideas that you can improve and ideas that you wouldn't have came up with on your own.


So building a team is essential and I wanted to stress that because a lot of times as producers, we want to do things on our own and we feel that even sometimes collaborating might not be what’s best, cause you know... we want to get the production credit.

We don't want no co-producers... or whatever the case may be.

Whatever may be going on in our head.


We overlook the fact that having a team, being a part of a team, making a team, creating a team...

You know? A lot of the times us producers are the leaders of our click, the people that are the ones that want to actually get something done.


So we produce. We make something happen while everybody else is just sitting around...


Well, put those people to work.

If they are just sitting around you everyday, put them to work.

Give them a responsibility.

Find out:  ‘What is it that you do the best?’


Maybe they are gonna be your next marketing team manager...

Maybe they do your social media...

Maybe they take pictures of you on their phone

Maybe they do video and they could interview you...


All this content is critical and important to produce.


So, I just wanted to leave you with that.


Cras here, Producer Marketing Secrets.


Hope you got some value from this lesson.


Create that team, do it ASAP, because it makes all the difference and it makes you able to get more done, faster.