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[Podcast] 3 Why Your Producer Ads Aren’t Working

In this podcast, you get some of the major do’s and don’ts of running ads and I hope you get a better understanding of what it takes to run at successfully as a producer. Check it out and be sure to listen to it a few times to help it sink in. And if you need more help check out Peace!

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Hey! So I wanted to record this quick podcast for you to help you with your Facebook ads.

Essentially when you start Facebook ads, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

When I first started some of the things I did, my biggest mistake was actually turning the ads off too fast.

Running ads require a certain amount of patience. Actually the biggest aspect of running ads is likely patience and then secondly, making sure that your numbers are good.


All about the numbers game!

When I say numbers, what do I mean?

So when you run an ad, a few things happen.

We’re talking specifically on Facebook right now but it’s actually universal.

First it gets impressions, then it clicks and then people go to the landing page or to whatever page you have set up, preferably a landing page and either opt-in with an email or take some type of action that you want them to take.

Based on that ad that you’re running, if you’ve for example only spent a dollar or two and you don’t see any activity or results, sales or opt-ins, it’s far too early in my opinion for you to form a conclusion and say “it doesn’t work.”

Usually, it takes about $25 just to get the feel for the amount of clicks that your’e gonna get but only the clicks, not referring to any opt-ins, not referring to any sales, just straight clicks.


Key things to consider

Something key to consider is that sometimes, it takes one-hundred actions before you get a feel of whether something is working or not or even if the right amount of traffic is coming in.

That might be with one-hundred impressions, with every impression, you want to get at least two clicks.

From one-hundred clicks, for every click, you want to at least get from 30% – 50% of an opt-in rate.

Now the opt-in rate means the rate at which people are willing to give their name and email in exchange for whatever you have for them.

Note: The sales conversion rate is much lower if you’re sending people straight to an add to cart or some type of sale page that is trying to get the sale immediately.

What I advise is to always go for the email and not the sale because you’ll get a lot more leads into your pipeline and into your funnel if you go for the email and not the sale.


Running Ads

  1. Be patient!
  2. Lookout for indicators, statistics of impressions, clicks, start to get to know your numbers and metrics.
  3. Number three is to make your offer irresistible! This assumes whether the targeting is correct.

Targeting is a whole other subject, it’s a whole other topic. In fact, all these topics can be broken down into different courses.

Clicks have to do with the thumbnail and images you’re using where you’re grabbing the attention of your audience.

Impressions – have to do with the targeting itself. It has to do with whether you’re using the right keywords or if you’re in alignment to whether or not your ad will show up in the bid of your ad. Like how much you’re bidding.

This is normally taken care of for you in Facebook as it does automatic bidding but at the same time, the key, I believe, is looking at the impressions and making sure you’re making one and looking at your clicks. You should normally get around anywhere from 30-50 opt-in so from a hundred people, there would be 30-50 people giving you their name and email.

Interested in those courses but not sure where to get them? Check this out.


How to make ads succeed?

For the most part, the reason why I made this for you is just to tell you that a lot of what successful ads come from, comes from the fact that you just leave them on and you know what you’re looking for!

So do a controlled test, like 5 dollars a day, 10 dollars a day. 5 dollars a day for 4 days – 20 bucks, that could be a good education.

Ads are a good education, the more you’re gonna do it, the more you’re going to learn and it’s really the key, it’s the lifeblood, it’s the fuel of your business and any business that you’re in.

Especially the producer business, when you’re able to spend ads effectively to generate leads, you’re essentially bringing people into your realm, into your world, into your ecosystem and to your own planet where you can engage with them, talk with them, make videos for them, give them some value, give them emails, create a podcast, videos.


Engaging and Connecting to your leads

You can really engage and get to know them, find out their goals, find out what they want to do in their lives, in their careers. Whatever it is that you are providing for them, figure out a way for that to really connect with their goals. Why?

That’s a powerful thing! For you to be able to do if you are providing to them what connects to their goals like beats.

Beats connects to them by trying to get them more of an audience, more buzz, try to get out there and try to get known. If your beats are the thing that’s doing that, connect your beats to their goal.

Find out what their goals are, their goals might be to help their family, their goals might be to sell a million, chart on billboard. How ever you can connect what you offer with their goals, the stronger you’re gonna bond with them. The more videos you can cut that connects to them and speaks directly to their needs and how you’re gonna help them, the more your’e gonna bond and understand what their goals are

All these things come to play when you are making your add or when you’re doing a follow up, once they are in your funnel with your emails, all of these stuff is key.


Bottomline! Be patient when you’re running ads.

Run ads to learn, run ads to gain knowledge and then to gain leads.

Sales – if this just comes naturally, if that even exists(Guess it doesn’t), if you’re the far few where you don’t have to put in work to understand things and just kind of make things happen (I’ve really yet to meet anyone like that) then great!

But for the others, especially ME, where I need to kind of wrestle with things first, I need to engage with it for a while before I figure it out.

I’m a fast starter but I don’t necessarily pick up things fast, I’m not like a quick learner, some of my relatives are and I’d be like “Man! I wish I had your brain, you pickup things quick and all that”
but that’s not necessarily me.

I’m a fast action taker, I think that’s what’s going on. That’s a good thing I have going on and for you, it may be the total opposite, it may be that you take longer to start but pick things up fast once you do them or whatever it may be.


Summary of the podcast and Final thoughts.

Bottomline, when you’re running ads, try and be patient and spend 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 dollars first before you turn it off for you to see what you got going on.

Once you have it on and it’s getting activity but you’re not getting any impressions, check your targeting, check your message, your headline.

Are you grabbing attention? Are you offering them something that they want?

If you’re not getting any clicks, same thing, check what you’re offering. Is it irresistible? Do they even want it?

But how about if you are getting clicks but not getting opt-ins? Same thing!

Is your landing page similar to your ad? Does it carry the same message? Are you leaving people confused where you have one headline for your ad and then a totally different headline for your landing page?

Those are things that you want to look for, you want to keep it in harmony to a certain extent so people won’t think that they’ve clicked somewhere and they’re lost.

They’ll be like “Oh yeah, this is where I was exactly going to be

And finally, is your call to action preferably above the fold? Check your mobile view, check your desktop view.

This running ads stuff is serious and important if you want to succeed with your business. It heavily impacts the outcome of your business, so it’s worth it! That’s what I would think. It’s worth it.

That’s about it and hopefully this helped.

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