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[Podcast] Your Producer Business Revolves Around 3 Things…

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Hey, what’s up y'all it’s Cras,


Today I wanted to cover the first steps you as a producer need to evaluate in order to make the best decisions for your producer business.


I’m gonna go into the premise, you want to sell beats, you know, something that is very straightforward and will be the first module that will cover many, many ways to actually monetize and make money as a producer.


With selling beats along with any other company, you want to analyze one of three things.


If one of these three things are working, then you know that you’re on the way...

If two of these three things are working, you know that you’re well on the way…

and if three...


if all three of these things are working...


you know you are making quite a bit of money in your producer business and you’re going in the right direction.


Phase one:


Step 1 of your producer business would be to gather leads.


Leads are people that are interested in buying what you have, in your case, it’s a beat.


You know, I never really had a lot of leads for beats until I figured out how to get them.


So, Step 1 is Leads, you need to have a lot of artists and rappers attracted to your beats, and if you don’t, then you have to figure out how to get them. It doesn’t matter how good…




it matters how good your beats are,


but there are plenty, plenty, plenty dope producers out there who have a very hard time getting leads.


Getting people attracted to their beats.

Because they don’t know how to market themselves.  

Or, that’s actually the main reason...


They don’t know how to market themselves.


Step 1 again is Leads, you need leads.


Phase 2:


Step 2 is Sales, you need to learn how to convert those leads to sales.


Step 2, Sales, you have to be able to convert... It’s this word we call convert…

convert means taking a lead who wants to buy your beats, a rapper who wants to buy your beats, and converting them into a sale.


Somebody that has paid you for a beat … or more than one beat… two beats... a beat pack

or whatever it may be…


and then three,


the Third Phase, is called Retention.


It’s called, repeat customers.


You want to be able to sell your beats to an artist that wants them, but you also want to be able to sell it to ‘em again, next month… or the month after... you know, different beats.


You want to be able to  have customers for life, have artists that buy your beats for life. That’s how you sustain a very, very, successful business, and those are the three phases right there.

  • Phase 1: Leads
  • Phase 2: Sales
  • Phase 3: Retention


So, if you are not where you want to be in your beat business, it’s because of one of these three things...or more.

Maybe it’s two of the three… or maybe it’s all three.


You know... maybe you don’t have a problem getting leads, but you have a problem with closing the deal once everything is said and done and it’s time for the money to be exchanged for your beat.


Or maybe you get leads,

and maybe you get sales,

but you don’t know how to stay in touch with the people that buy beats from you and you just are always looking for the next customer... the next customer...the next beat customer.


So the good thing about it, is once you start to figure out how to do this, you’ll have a growing business that gets sales that also has repeat and long term customers.


So, I’ll show you how… I’m gonna show you how to do all this.

Not right now, but later on.

I don’t want to throw too much at you...


But this is your boy Cras, stay tuned, keep tuning in.


I’m gonna give you some really hard hitting content, so that your beat business can be taken to the next level.

You as a producer can be taken to the next level.


Imma show you how to market yourself, show you how to get out there even if you don’t know… you know, people in the music industry.


Even if you don’t have connections,

even if you’re starting from square one….

Even if you don’t even know how to make beats and just have the idea.


This is for people that are really good at beats already and just need help on marketing and sales… I got you


This is also for people who are just starting out, because...

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve been a beginner before.

I’ve been in studios with big artists and have done music with them.

I’ve sold beats.

I’ve done pretty much all of it...  and I’m just here to help at this point because, I’ve been successful in the ventures that I’ve done and in production, so I feel I can give back.


So this is my way of doing it and definitely gonna help you market yourself and get heard so, signing off... talk to you soon!