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Here are some rapper marketing tips that are sure to up your marketing game!

1. Brand Boosting on IG

A. Find brands u respect and like that have semi-large followings on IG.

B. write a song promoting them.

C. drop it real quick and @ them....

D. if it’s good, they’ll promote it to their following.

2. Low Cost, Huge Promo

A. Many IG pages have huge followings of people that like hiphop

B. Many will promote u in their story for anywhere from $10 - $25

( you’ll be surprised how cheap it is, ask them )

Always be very professional.

Because the biggest rappers you know, all know how to act professional when it’s the right time.

3. Contact other rappers with large followings that may need help with their bars and propose writing songs for them. Let them hear your product.

4. Contact other producers who have large followings and write hooks for their beats and send it to them

( do a couple free until they’re hooked, “then” charge them after their feenin’ )

5. Put your music on youtube, spotify, itunes and soundcloud frequently. Drop at least every 10-14 days if you are in buzz building mode.

Additional tips for Rappers!!

2 marketing tips to increase ur buzz

1. Ask ur fans what are their favorite topics ( write songs about them )

2. Write a song about the city where ur from

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Comment down below your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on this!



  1. Okay daytle i understand that i have what it take but at the end of the day i still don’t have the right. People and my cirlce to promote me are help me so iam still focus on me right like iam trying to build myself up to that Point were its lonely at the top i Been writing every since i was 13 iam 21 now and still haven’t got anywhere i just feel like if i was to get a support that i need i will overcome so with that being said iam work on those tips you gave me and try harder thanks # savvylang

    1. Nice work! This is Cras… Daylyt must have sent you here…
      That’s good you have dedicated yourself…what do you do to put yourself out there?
      I hear the issue is you aren’t getting anywhere.
      What are you doing to get yourself out there?
      Is it a habit?
      What do you habitually do?
      What are the results?
      is it working?
      If not, how often do you change your approach?

  2. Ay I appreciate daylyt for sending me here,
    I’m start using my outlets as much as I can.
    I’m stacking songs rn so I gonna try to match my audiences. Ima start doing lives on ig tho n see what they like so I can ingrain that into my work.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. I’m feeling all this knowledge ima take it in and really go at it i’ve been currently down for 10 months i get out soon August 07 2019
    but all this your saying is very true thanks for the help and advise big bro when i get out i’ll try to support the cause much love brotha ????

  4. This article was Raw! Especially it the reader actually pays attention… Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated!

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