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how to sell your beats

Rent On Success Is Due Daily!

Most producers want to know how to sell your beats, every day.


Let’s think about that for a moment.

The quote came from something I read on baseball great, David Ortiz’s Instagram post.

He is someone who has faced tremendous odds to be in the position that he’s in.

In his post, he was actually dropping his daughter off to college and these were the words that he left her. I’ll write it again because i feel it’s that important…

“To Be Great You Have To Bring the Best Out of You EVERY DAY!”

Now if there was ever a time to grab a pen and write something on the wall and keep it there, and also post in on your bathroom mirror… NOW IS THE TIME.

Even this morning, this got me out of bed, READY.

Look at what it’s SAYING?

Look if you want to know HOW to sell your beats, it starts with your MINDSET.

All too often I’m helping producers or artists and they want to be great, and I ask them when the last time they posted some new music or content, and they tell me 3 months…. 6 months… and I’m thinking…

“How can i bridge the gap of understanding needed?”

You want to know how to sell your beats, and more clarity is needed.

Because the next thing they say usually is how they are “WAITING for this or that…”

“I’m waiting for my laptop”


“I’m waiting for my studio to be ready”


“I’m waiting for my sound to be right”


“I’m waiting because I need a Beatsite.”

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“I’m waiting for ( fill in the blank )

I tell this to my staff and to myself and to my students and clients all the time now…

“Any time you start a sentence, or say out loud that ‘I’m waiting’…. that’s usually a signal for you to change something NOW”

Listen, I want to tell you that:
It’s NEVER going to feel perfect.

The right time may NEVER come.

It’s never the right time.

If you want to know HOW to sell your beats, it starts with your willingness to take CONSISTENT action.

Start now.

The rent on success is due EVERY DAY

and To Be Great You have TO Bring The Best out of you EVERY DAY!

It’s so brutally honest and true.

All too often we think successful people were lucky or they were handed their success….

Many of us don’t have this vision in our mind that success is something we have to take, snatch, wrestle and REPEATEDLY snatching back, wrestling, and grabbing by the throat,

When the truth is….

You must.

If you want to be successful you have to not only WANT it, but you have to back it up with MASSIVE and Consistent ACTION. It’s not just for a day, or a week, or a month, or even a YEAR.

Would you wake up EARLY and make beats and self-promote and market your brand your services for a full 3 years or even 5 years before you reached a point where you considered yourself “Successful” ?

Well many producers won’t and if you are one that is ready for that journey, then I congratulate you.
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