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The Secret Ingredient Missing from Your Beats!

Producers always wonder whats missing from their beats...

How do we consistently produce beats that are irresistible and undeniable...every time?

The missing ingredient?


Confidence is what lacks in most producers beats.  

You might be thinking....

“But cras, i thought “skills” was most important?”

Dont get me wrong...

Skills is important...

But listen...

Confidence can mean the difference between an average beat and a FIRE Beat!

How can that be?

Music is energy

Beats create a “feeling” from that energy....

Beats transfer a “feeling” to the listener...

Confidence is a transfer of energy you are giving the listener....

Make a beat without that secret ingredient and you’re leaving out the “sauce” that makes it all work. 

So how can u make sure you inject “confidence” into every beat?

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Get your mind right 

  • every beat you start, is first triggered by the thoughts in your mind
  • If you don’t feel confident about your music...your listener will be able to tell immediately 
  • Your mindset needs to be that “you’re the best producer doing this music shit...”

Step 2. Start with an infectious and irresistible melody.  

  • tweak it until its dope
  • Use the piano roll to test and tweak differrnr notes 
  • Add effects to the main melody line until the loop is CRAZY wit NO BEAT
  • The melody should be able to rock acapella and give you a “groove” already 

Step 3.  Make sure ur drumz is phat

  • stack your drums to create different sounds 
  • this will phatten up your drumz
  • build a drum beat that knocks on its own, with no melody

Step 4. Change something drastic every 4 or 8 bars

  • your loops and sections should not be over repetitive
  • Take out your hi-hats sometimes
  • Mute the drums
  • Make your verses light ( peel of some sounds)
  • Make your hooks heavy ( have most of your sounds rockin during the hook section )

Step 5. Mix your beat

  • level the sounds 
  • Eq the sounds 
  • Pan your sounds 

Follow these 5 steps and you’ll have an infectious beat with dynamics, and dope energy. 

You can’t lose with that formula. 

After you use it, send me your beats and i’ll try to review them. 


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