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The Shocking Truth About “Making It”

What if I told u that the #1 Key to Success is “Control”?

Most producers are in a rush to give up control.
They wanna run to a record label and sign a producer deal…
They want to “find” an artist, so they can build them up and eventually pawn them off
to a “real” record label….
They want to get a MANAGER and sign off a bunch of their revenue to someone who
will MANAGE them…..
All of these paths lead to a loss of “control”…
When you lose control you lose money….
When you lose money, you lose freedom and autonomy…
You aren’t able to control your own destiny…
That’s not what I want for you….
I want you to have full control
Well the #1 way to have full control is for you to control the platform…
Control the media… control your beats…
Yes, youtube, iTunes, beat stars and airbit are all VEHICLES for your music….
They are vehicles for you to market yourself..and you show use all of them…
But what if youtube bans you?
What If beat stars cancels your membership?

Are you REALLY in control?

After all you realize…. “dang…not really…”
Until you realize one way….
You realize that the only way to be in control is for you to OWN the platform you’re on…
What’s the only way to do that?
Owning your own website!
I told you before…you are a business owner… you aren’t a producer…

You’re a producer, of course, but you run a business!

If you don’t take full control and full ownership, then you’ll always be someone’s employee.. you’ll always be working on someone’s else’s dreams and goals…and not your own…
You need to get your own website asap to:
  • Control your destiny
  • Make your producer business legit
  • Show the industry You Are MUCH larger than they guessed
These are only SOME of the benefits of having your own website…
The other benefits is that your own beatsite is a 24/7 machine that works for YOU non-stop…round the clock!
No days off!
Don’t you want someone on your team that doesn’t ever take a break!
Never stops! Never sleeps! And is fully devoted to promoting you!
Name ANYWHERE else in the world that you can have this!
You must get your own beatsite today if you want to double and triple your producer business and set yourself up for long term success!
That’s why I’ve made it really easy for you to get your own beatsite!
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