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To The “Producers” Who Wanna Be 1 of the Greats But Can’t Get Started

If you want to be one of the greats as a producer...
One of the first things to know for beginners is..

it's ok for your beats to sound really really really bad when you first start.

That is completely normal and it's ok to allow yourself to be REALLY bad at it.

Even if you are really good at other things in your life.

Being willing to suck and still keep working on your beats is one of the biggest secrets for a beginner.

You have to be ok with being REALLY bad at first.
Don't let that discourage you.
Over time you will get better.

Keep going. Keep learning.
Keep making more beats.
You'll get better.

Watch more videos.
Invest in your education.
Learn from those who are where you want to be.

Study them.
Kobe and Lebron studied Michael.

Eminem studied the greats in rap.

Everyone studies the people who came before them.

At least all of the greats do.

Follow the same formula.

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