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How to make a quick fast FIRE BEAT – simple

Wanna know a super quick step by step formula to make a hot beat if you are a beginner?

Are you using FL Studio?

( Even if you are not

i'll suggest that you pencil in your melodies. ( at first )

Start with doing that before attacking chords and other complex melodic runs and stacked melodies.

Leave the drums to be phase 2 for now.

Start with a hot yet simple melody.

And then layer another sound on top of it to heavily compliment the melody.

Then after you get a couple tracks down for the melody.... just make it melodic and simple...

start simple....

have a nice loop that sounds good to you.  Try and get it in key, but don't trip too too much...

just move forward.... that's the key...

from there, lay your kick, and then your hi-hats, and make sure those 3 components are SUPER banging...

and THEN lay your other percussion sounds and then lay your snares down...

do you know how to count bars?

If you do, make sure that you switch up your snares at the END of bar 4 and bar 8 to give your beats that "turn around" 

and progression feel, so it feels like it's going somewhere.

Let me know what you think.

This is a super fast, quick start way to get your beats going immediately, off top.

Try it a few times and then send me your beats after you do that so i can review. ) 


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