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i wanna get consistent beat sales… :(

I had just got home from dinner with the fam last night and I opened my email…

And there staring at me was that sentence right there….

"i wanna get consistent beat sales..."

I immediately felt the pain he was going thru cause I had been there too….

What was crazy was 45 minutes earlier, I had checked my phone and saw a PayPal notification…

An artist had just bought a 10 beat bundle pack from me,

and I was playing’ Plants Vs Zombies 2 when it happened…

What kinda left me stuck was that I wasn’t even trippin on it…

And there was once a time where I would have went absolutely BONKERS if I had got a notification

That someone had bought a beat for me…

Now, it’s normal… but what’s different about it is that I appreciate it in a WHOLE new way…

It’s not the $ it’s the ( relationship )….

Imma tell you one of the biggest keys to get consistent beat sales….

Getting consistent sales has a lot to do with being consistent in your marketing and sales actions.

I'll ask: What do you do specifically each day to get sales?

It's safe to say you would like to have sales every day right?

Well, in the beginning, while you are laying the foundation to your beat business, do you think it would 

be crazy to think you will need to do something "every day" to contribute to that?

Focusing on marketing and sales are the ways to achieve this.

In my Beat Sales course, I outline the ways to achieve Beat Sales and what ingredients are needed.

To name a few, there is relationship building needed, and there is a focus on the "customer's needs" that is needed.

I often hear producers complain about reaching out to artists and not hearing back.

Or I hear them say they've reached out to artists and the artist has replied once, but then never again.

Well I'll challenge you by asking you one question:

When you reached out to that artist, where you thinking about the artist's needs, or yours?

Keep in mind, what radio station artists are listening to all day:


That stands for:

What's In It For Me?

When you reach out to artists asking them if they are still interested in "your" beats... do you think it's really on the top of their mind?

If it was, then you probably wouldn't have to reach out right?

Well I"ll tell you the trick is to build relationships with them.

Get to know them.

Ask them questions about their goals... their interests...their likes and dislikes...

Bill Clinton, the former president was known to write down the name of everyone he met each day,

and he wrote down something memorable about them at the end of the day....

Just the single act of placing more care into your relationships will skyrocket your engagement and have artists

coming back to you, because you'll have been one of the first producers they have encountered, that will have taken 

genuine interest in them, beyond just "selling them a beat".

It's so weird, when you stop trying to "sell your beats", you start "selling your beats".

Crazy ain't it? 

Well I hope you got some value from that...

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